Own a Music Venue? 4 Tips to Increase Your Attendance

Owning a music venue is an excellent way to become an integral part of your local entertainment scene. You can bring in great acts from around your community and around the world. However, it’s crucial that you know how to properly promote your venue. No matter how talented the acts are, it won’t matter if hardly anyone’s watching. Here are four tips to increase attendance at your music venue.

Focus on Quality

People won’t come to your music venue for just any reason. If you live in a sizable town, there are going to be plenty of other venues. So, you need to stand out amongst the competition. Everything in your venue should be at the quality highest level possible. This includes aspects like the sound quality, a sensible layout, and being an inclusive environment.

Book Diverse Acts

There are so many music venues that seem interchangeable due to their bookings. It can get frustrating for music fans to feel like there’s nothing to see but rock bands. You can make a difference, however. Look for musicians in genres that are being underrepresented in your area. You can also do things like hosting special event nights based on certain genres, such as jazz, funk, metal, and avant-garde. Having your venue known as a place for eclectic music is a very good decision.

Promote Shows Properly

If a show happens but nobody knows about it, does it really happen? Well, it might technically occur, but if hardly anyone is there, it can be frustrating. You need to be aggressive with promoting shows. There should be flyers made for events at least a few weeks in advance. You should also be active on social media like Facebook and Instagram, to make people aware. You don’t want to be obnoxious about it, but you should be spreading awareness.

Hire Quality Staff

The staff at your music venue can make a huge difference. If attendees find your staff to be unprofessional or difficult, then they’re unlikely to want to come back. People from bartenders to sound engineers to security should all be professional and reasonable. This is a place where people want to come together to celebrate music. It’s crucial that you and your staff understands this.

As part of hiring considerations, you’ll need to consider who will keep the place maintained. For example, you’ll want to hire a roofing professional to keep the roof from leaking. Along with that, you’ll need to consider janitors to keep the place clean as well.

Having a successful music venue can inspire great feelings of pride. You should feel proud of yourself for operating a quality venue. As part of the music scene, you can become a key part of your local entertainment community.