MØ’s “When I Was Young” Video Debuts Today

Danish vocalist, songwriter and breakout star MØ’s J.A.C.K.-directed video for “When I Was Young” debuts today—watch it here. “When I Was Young” is taken from MØ’s new EP of the same name, surprise-release last week via Sony Music U.K./RCA Records). Stream/download the EP here.

“I’m so happy to present this video because it feels very true to the song and to who I am,” says MØ. “It was inspired by a painting called ‘The Dance Of Life’ by one of my favorite artists, Edvard Munch. It’s an illustration of three women—one in white, one in red and one in black—and tells a story about three stages of human life: youth, maturity, and old age. I was always drawn to this image as a kid due to its simple symbolism and emotion and have been dying to do a video that could reflect on it. Since ‘When I Was Young’ is all about nostalgia and reflecting on life—especially the past, but also the now and the future—it just seemed like the perfect time to do it. J.A.C.K. came up with the idea of me playing all three women at the same time, dancing the dance of life, seduced, intrigued and fooled by each other, and they took this whole idea to levels I couldn’t even have dreamed of.”

When I Was Young’s six brand new songs feature production work from MØ herself, alongside the likes of Kristoffer Fogelmark, FTSE, Grant William Russell Harris, Mantra, Albin Neder, Fridolin Nordsø, Vera and Vasco. The EP was written and recorded over the past several months in Copenhagen, London, New York and beyond.

Photo credit: Fryd Frydendahl