Essential Fitness Tips and Pre Workout Plan For that Perfect Body

If you are planning to give your body a makeover, the schedule must be planned accordingly. Maintaining a toned, sculpted figure is not an easy task. It requires the highest amount of dedication and a strict discipline. Also, before starting your workout regime, be careful with what you are choosing.

The 3 Key Variables for any Exercise

Keep in mind that the impact of any workout depends primarily on 3 key variables:

  1. Weights
  2. Intensity
  3. Volume

Each of these variables has a strong role to play. Focusing on all the three variables for every single workout may not be the best way to achieve aesthetic gains. Rather, the most effective way to reach your goal would be to focus on one specific variable for a workout and then another for the other workout. Another way to do it is focusing on one specific variable for one entire week, and then shifting to another variable for the next week. Both these procedures help in shocking the body. This shock treatment is necessary to achieve aesthetic gains. Also, you need to maintain a workout log book for noting down the performance for the day. Mention in details the weights being used, the intensity of training and the volumetric gains being achieved. These are essential parts of a workout regimen.

Pre-workout Measures to Take

To tone and sculpt your body, it is essential to engage in strength training. But, what’s before that? Before trying to lift those weights, how would you prepare your body to show its resistance? Well, you need to engage in a pre-workout session, also known as the warm-up. This is the most crucial part of any workout, not only to make it more effective, but also to lower the chances of injuries that may result from a sudden strength training. But, then, only engaging in a warm-up session is not sufficient. Fueling the body is also equally important. A proper pre workout drink for women will help improve the metabolism level and charge the muscle fibers of the body, thus supplying the necessary strength and energy required to maximize the performance during strength training.

What Type of Pre-workout Drink to Take?

You need to consider your budget and then act accordingly when it comes to food for pre- and post-workouts. The best option is to go naturally, considering the options to achieve the maximum gains through natural foods. Make sure that you get a pre-workout diet that’s high in carbs and protein. In any pre-workout diet, it is better to avoid much of fat intake. Your primary goal should be to have a carbohydrate-heavy food and protein enriched drink.

Sample Pre-workout Drink Recipe

Take four strawberries, 6 blackberries, two medium bananas, 100 ml Greek yogurt/non-sweetened curd, one tablespoon peanut butter and one ounce of the walnut-almond mix. Put it in a mixer, add some ice and half cup water and mix it. The smoothie is ready to consume. Drink it 30-45 minutes prior to the workout session.

Remember, if you want to achieve the maximum gains with your workouts, make sure the pre-workout part is best-taken care of. You must consume the drink recipe for the maximum benefits during the workout. Also, use lighter weights and perform a workout for the body part that you have targeted on a specific day and perform 30-40 repetitions at a stretch. This will warm-up the specific muscle group and will help in your actual strength training program. Try it out!