What to Wear to Office So That You Look Professional Yet Chic

Just because you have to go to the office, it should not mean you have to sacrifice your personal style and fashion sense. It is quite possible for you to project your character, personality, and sense of style in your workplace without having to compromise on your professionalism. Some tips on what you can wear to the office to create the best impact:

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Why Dressing Properly to Office is Important

What you wear to the office should project a very competent and professional look, however, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you must be conservative and boring. The interpretation of your professionalism and competence depends substantially on how your clothes fit, and their style, length, and color. That others may be forming an idea about you based on your clothes may be downright silly, but for sure, it is a fact and this means that you have to give a serious thought to your own dressing style in the workplace.

Avoid Distractions

It is always better to avoid clothing or accessories that distract; you don’t want people to focus on what you are wearing rather than what you are saying or doing. While conservative colors like whites, creams, grays, black, and blues have always been favored in the workplace, there’s nothing wrong with wearing clothes in the typically more feminine colors like light blue and pink, lilac, rose, etc., if you can carry them off. It may not be wise to wear loud colors as they tend to be distracting and look unprofessional. Pay attention to your hairstyle and avoid styles that are very complicated and difficult to maintain; use ponytail extensions if your hair is short. Make it a point not to wear jewelry that makes a sound when you walk around or work at your desk as it appears to be frivolous.

Pay Attention to the Fit

Workplace attire for obvious reasons needs to be appropriately sophisticated. Essentially, this means that your clothes need to fit very well. If you are wearing pants, make sure that your panty lines are not visible while skirts, especially when they are form fitting like pencil skirts, should allow you to sit comfortably. Ensure that there are no embarrassing gaps between the buttonholes of your shirts or blouses and that you are able to button jackets with ease. While everyone covets designer clothes, you need to ensure that any logos that are present should be appropriately discreet. Avoiding designer labels that are prominent also has the advantage of giving your clothes a timeless and professional look.


The secret of looking professional and sophisticated lies in how much attention you pay to the details. Ensure your handbags are not too large but have a well-structured style and form. Your nails should be properly manicured; the shoes must be free of scuff and well-polished. It is a good idea to look at what your bosses wear so that you can try and take cues on how to structure your wardrobe, however, be careful not to imitate.