Russell Lee – ‘Meant to Be’

Russell Lee represents the power of country music on the classic “Meant to Be”. With a warm, welcoming message that feels universal. Quite tasteful, the way the song builds up swinging feels particularly satisfying. Over the course of the track a sense of finding oneself becomes the true theme of the entire piece. A journey unfolds throughout the piece one that shines upon the many twists and turns that help to bring people together. Right in the center of the story is something of great love and care. The attention to detail becomes of the utmost of importance, from the little keyboards that weave their way in and out of the mix to the rollicking rhythm that drives the entire thing forward.

Starting right up in the middle of things, the song begins at once. From the careful groove to the rollicking organ/guitar combo, everything has a glistening aura to it. Russell Lee’s voice raises above it all sung with a rich, resonant tenor to it. Gradually the entire piece gains energy and strength as it progresses. Layer upon layer of sound work together to allow the song a sort of jovial, genteel spirit to it. Upon the introduction of the backup singers the track gains a communal quality, one that further displays the importance of togetherness.

With “Meant to Be” Russell Lee chooses a great amount of color resulting in a bright and airy composition, one whose lovely melodies linger in the mind.

By Karen Roth