Bobi Andonov, New Single and Video for “Apartment” Out Today

Australian up-and-coming alt-pop artist Bobi Andonov possesses one of those rare powerhouse voices that both punches you in the gut and tears at your heartstrings. His debut single, “Apartment” is equal parts soulful and soul-crushing, with the young singer-songwriter radiating a full spectrum of emotions—pain, sadness, longing—all impeccably delivered through a smooth, almost effortless falsetto.

Today, Bobi dropped his official video for his debut single, “Apartment.” The Ellis Bahl directed black-and-white video captures the narcotic intimacy between two lovers, until it progresses, Twilight Zone-style, from a tableau of boudoir paramours to an illicit fever dream, spiraling into increasingly chaotic snapshots of broken glass and ominous shadows. “Head under water, keep holding me down,” he sings on the track. “Playing with fire, please don’t pull me out.” The video is a fitting introduction to the darkly alluring world of Bobi Andonov, whose thrall lies in clandestine, slow-burn narratives.