Terry Ohms Presents “Let’s Go Meet The Neighbors”

Terry Ohms started as a side project to the band Vulture Whale, who were early leaders in the burgeoning Birmingham, Alabama underground scene. With a new wave of creativity crashing within him, Vulture Whale mastermind Wes McDonald put forth his first solo effort: Terry Ohms Plays Wes McDonald. Cleverly using his alter-ego as a character in his musical legacy, Wes McDonald instantly became Terry Ohms. Ohms would go on to release two noteworthy records over the next few years: Terry Ohms Gets Emotional EP and Terry Ohms – What Do You Mean, What Do I Mean?.


“Let’s Go Meet The Neighbors” is the second single off Terry Ohms’ hotly anticipated new EP, A Lot More Than Enough, due October 13th, 2017. For this tune, Ohms offers a mind-bending, self-described “EDM Short”, where he shows off a new – and upbeat – side to his identity. The song follows the underlying psychedelic imagery and negative coloring found in his previous release, “Ghost”, while mixing things up with shots of him underwater, flashes of his dog, and upside-down shots of the road. Longtime fans of both Vulture Whale and Wes’ alter ego will not be disappointed! Terry Ohms is impossible not to root for and we’re quite confident you’ll agree!