Man Called Noon – “Everybody Move”

Everybody Move is an inspirational song about finding joy in life even if that joy is hard to find. The song is achieved in a few different ways. Their lyrics convey their message in a realistic and yet happy manner. The peppy and fun instrumentals of the song add to the message of optimism of the song. You can find more of these pleasant songs on their easy to navigate website. The information about the many band members can also be found there.

The song begins with instrumentals twenty seconds into the song the lead singer, Anthony Giamichael, begins to sing. It’s an uplifting song that merely wants everyone to dance. The band just wants everyone to dance and be happy and to have fun moving. Also the song does make you want to dance. The name of the band, Man Called Noon also has a retro feel. Their YouTube video also gives off the same vibe. “Oh the dance in life gives you two left feet,” this line recognizes that life is hard. But even though life is difficult song Man Called Noon still asks listeners to be cheerful and find a reason to dance. Also the band uses the phrase, “dance called life,” it’s realistic but still optimistic.

They are a Chicago based indie/alternative rock band. Lead singer Anthony, Dave Aitken is on bass, Josh Fontenot plays drums, Nathan Crone on keys, Erin Piotrowski is back-up vocals and James Manno is the lead guitarist. You can find this information and access additional songs on their website. Their website is not as retro, but it still has some of that feel. It’s well thought out, nice to look at and professional. It’s the text and the black and white photos on the homepage slideshow that keeps the retro feel. Though what really brings to mind this feel is their music video.

The photo in the YouTube video has a retro feel and so does the song. It brings to mind the 70’s or 60’s. The video is the same photo of a woman with purple skin. Her mouth is slightly open and her hair is light blue in color and short. Only the background changes, the waves behind her move. The YouTube upload in this way is planting its focus on the music more than the visuals you receive. The photo in the video does flip at the end to a black and white photo of three people.

Everybody Move is a fun easy to listen to song that has a retro vibe. It’s a piece about optimism and having an uplifting spirit. It’s optimistic and yet realistic. This is reflected not only in the lyrics of the song, but also the style of the music, the look of the video and also the look of their website. In all the Man Called Noon band reaches out to achieve more than a good song, they want to make a statement and they do just that.

By Max Enger