6 Easy Tips on How to Move Out in Eco-Friendly Fashion

We have reached a time when humanity can no longer overlook the ill effects it’s having on planet Earth. Responsibility lies with us all to try and reduce our carbon footprint in all things, and here we’ll talk about how to relocate in an eco-friendly manner.

While moving, we generate a lot of pollution, whether it’s the stuff that we don’t need any longer and throw away, or the unavoidable CO2 for trucking our stuff across the state. However, some new trends have made it possible to move while sticking to the green living standards. Here are our tips on how to relocate and be mindful of our planet while doing it.

Forget the Trash Bin – Donate Instead
Moving out is the perfect opportunity to get rid of old electronics or clothes that you’re never going to wear. Furniture especially gets thrown a lot, close to 10 million tons of furniture waste end up in our landfills every year. Instead, consider donating your stuff to one of the charities, many of whom will come right at your doorstep for larger donations. If you’re short or money, you can also go with a yard sale and sell your stuff real cheap, thus earning an extra buck while helping out our landfills.

Eco-Friendly Movers
Some movers are still driving 20 year old trucks, which produce double the amount of CO2. But think twice if you think that all movers are like that. Some of them are actually trying to be eco-friendly, and you should seek them out. You’ll generally want a company that’s running on biodiesel fuel , as it’s the least damaging to our surrounding. If you’re moving far out, you can put your car on a train instead of driving it, as trains are up to four times eco-friendlier than motor vehicles.

A large number of household items are recyclable, and you should think twice before throwing your batteries into the trash bin because they are poisonous. Recycling is one of the easiest ways to have a positive impact on the planet, especially when it comes to plastic and paper. Obviously, you won’t be able to put your household appliances or an old PC in a recycle bin, but you can inform yourself about the closest recycling center and have them pick up the stuff. And when it comes to recycling, don’t just recycle – use recycled as well. And start now.

Cardboard Boxes Are History
We’re here to help those trees survive, so forget about the cardboard because there are some new, environment-friendly trends when it comes to packing your stuff. And since you won’t be needing boxes for a while after you move, it’s a better option to just rent supercheap storage made out of recycled plastic and use them instead. These bins are mobile and robust, making them really easy to fill and sort your stuff inside. And since they’re made entirely out of recycled plastic, you’ll directly be helping reduce the plastic waste that is polluting our oceans.

Don’t purchase moving blankets to wrap your fragile items. You already have towels and old clothes that you were going to give away. Old pillows especially are great to ensure that your fragile items survive the relocation. In order to reduce your carbon footprint, you need to avoid buying anything that you’d use only for this occasion. Tuck your mirrors between the blankets, put your monitor to sleep on an old pillow and you’re good to go to your new home.

After Moving
Making green choices on daily basis is the responsible way to go on with our lives. Shop green cleaning products for your new home, and get to work. There’s a whole range of brands that provide eco-friendly cleaning products in an effort to reduce our impact on the planet. Forget about the old light bulbs and get the LED ones instead, you’ll not only be saving the planet, but you’ll be saving quite a buck when your electricity bill arrives.

Go Green
Whether you’re moving long-distance or just across the city, you can successfully relocate in an eco-friendly manner, as we’ve tried to point out in this guide. It takes some effort to live by the green book, but you’ll feel good about it and our planet will thank you for it. Shop responsibly, don’t get more stuff than you actually need and put a stop to waste and you’ll be doing more than a fair share of saving the planet. And now that you’ve got your green hat on, spread the word.