The Johnny Mac Band – “ACE”

After releasing a tip of the iceberg, “Ace” a single that stood for itself to express what was to come, Johnny Mac Band releases an album in that name. The “Ace” album is indeed ace for its crafty 13 tracks. Each track floated from rock to blues, to soft, compelling vibes to groovy songs like the “Groove Machine.” Thumbs up for the energy inserted into this song.

The Johnny Mac Band being a regular of Long Island, NY is made up of four men who gather their musical prowess into creating beautiful vibes. They break their spirits like bread into producing soul, RnB, rock, and blues most especially. Until now, I did not hear about them, but for these powerful songs off their second album Ace, they have won my attention.


The album opened with an inspirational one, “Making Changes.” “Making changes” quickly made the changes about the perception their audience have about the fact that their music isn’t a bouquet of flowers. It sunk deep into me as I pressed in. Johnny Mac grabs a song by the waist, fondles around its body and makes love with it without having to sound like a moaner or a wailer. His voice sets the right emotionally standard for the song and lets the listener enjoy every piece of it.

While Johnny Mac mans the vocal assignments for the band with an admirable professionalism, Dave Ice gives him the needed backing as he strums the bass. Ray Hauck beats the beats into Johnny Mac’s songs, and Joe Roberts plays the keyboard and backs on the vocals. All through the album, it was evident that these play together to achieve moving pieces like “Waiting” which happens to be my best song of the album for the gentle, timely and experienced expertise each of these great musicians inserted into the music. I love the lyrics and the dramatic delivery of “5 reasons to leave.” Johnny opened the song with a guitar, and Ray backs it with the drums. The song assumed a funky rock pose and one good reason why I replayed this track is that of the long bars of guitar solos and the rolling delivery in the background.

“Soul Angel, Part time Man, Good bye Orlando,” spoke of places, love and those tiny fragments of things that stand in between people. These experienced men that rose out of Long Island sure have met the true color life wears to have given out such interesting themes in their works. A deep collection of songs, I must say.

Although this is off point, I must talk about the album cover of this album with 13 pieces of gold on its shoulders. Being a photographer, the place of music and pictures cannot be overemphasized. The tiny strings of the guitar, the rose pinned to the outfit and the “aceful” smile beaming off his face is just as musical as the songs on the album.

“Ace” album has done well to further create for, The Johnny Mac’s Band, a style of their own. I see it as a note to the general public that this band of soulful, rhythm and blues Rockefellers has come to stay.


Persha Carlston