Andrea Desmond – ‘Inner Fire’


Writing, it is something that all, if not most of us have attempted in some shape or form. For many writing has become a lifestyle and not left their lives as it would have it. Andrea Desmond is one of those writers. For it is her music, that she has written so purposely about, which details the life she endures, each and every day. She could be bigger than any of us would ever realize at this very moment, due to her writing these songs. One of which being titled “Inner Fire”, is her latest work that was created by teaming up with co-writer Natalia Bortolloti (who is writing for Warner) and producer SR (who is working for Randy Jackson).

“Inner Fire”, takes what Seattle called their “indie pop sweetheart” to the next level for the artist now based in Los Angeles. For it is this track in particular, that ignites that fire, that inner fire, as it were, has blazed within the heart and soul that is Andrea Desmond. The track is very empowering, fulfilling, and embracive. This is the best way to describe the meaning behind this track, and the way it makes you the listener, feel about it. How its music drifts within the track is rather difficult to describe, it is indie pop, at its finest content. The source of beat, being something along the lines of sounding, upbeat, very pop-based, with various tones of notes and beats, that lifts it together, to create a style that is interesting and unique.

In terms of quality and sound, both are quite well played out. The music really wraps around the vocal chords, as one, and the music both instrumental and vocals sounds crisp and clear as the wiped window. Her voice just echoes the lyrics, really taking in the words as a whole, making the music become so catching and interesting, that it is overpowering at times. It becomes too much to take in, that you get this rush of feeling from it all.

Surely Andrea Desmond brings other indie pop acts to mind, with her captivating tunes, as it were such would likely be Grimes, Lykke Li, and even Lorde. Their styles are not exactly like Andrea’s but a lot like it, being slightly similar to a point. Each of these artists, including Andrea have just got that creative source glowing through them. As it would have it, Andrea is just one female indie pop artist that is making the rounds at the time present.

For if it was not for “Inner Fire”, being the fiery passion that it is for Andrea, then there would be no Andrea at all. But perhaps someone else taking in her spotlight that rightfully belongs to her, when that is not the case here. That light shines brightly for Andrea, who admires and adores her fans. It is without any of this that Andrea would not be the person she is now.

“Inner Fire”, is a track that is simply upbeat and catchy, which keeps it all moving together, so that it becomes danceable, and rather listenable more than just one time around, but many more times indeed.

By: Natalie Perez