Azwel – ‘The Elastic Journey’

The latest creation of Azwel ‘The Elastic Journey’ likely to rock chartbusters. Listen, enjoy and rock with the musical magic created by Azwel.

‘The Elastic Journey’ is a brand new album of the famous indie pop band Azwel which is masterminded by the famous songwriter Jason Perrillo releasing soon at the beginning of October 2017.

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Azwel is producing music for the past thirteen years with the very talented Jason Perrillo and his expert group of musicians which include the likes of Joe Lorge on guitar and backing vocals, Gregg Steele – bass and backing vocals, Johnny Zaletel the drummer and percussionist and Randy Bennis on the keyboard.

Jason has his expertise in alternative pop and rock songs which have been influenced by the various genre of music. He was a student of music for ten long years and holds a degree in audio engineering. He has produced and recorded his own albums independently in his New York studio. Azwel released their debut album in 2003 entitled ‘Hap End Void’. In the next thirteen years, Azwel published a few numbers of melodious works and received immensely positive feedback across various internet blogs and radio stations. His albums have always shown variance in style of songs and instrumental orientation.

The new album, The Elastic Journey, comprises of thirteen songs which are absolutely different from each other. The album seems like a collage of various thoughts and emotions with a completely different set of rhythmic melody and various musical notes from a variety of instruments. The lyrics are catchy and spontaneous and keep the listener interested and curious for the next.

Among the thirteen songs of the album the first one ‘Men of Dishonor’ gives a strong feeling of empathy and anger with its soulful lyrics. The acoustic strings bind the thoughtful words of abuse and misery drowning in the feel of power and submission. The song highlights the darkest corners of the universe, where humans are tortured, killed and dishonored every instance.

Contradicting the first song, the next few songs are soft tuned and pleasant to hear with an interesting chord progression and rhythmic vocal. The lyrics are kept warm and inspiring which portrays love, passion, sensations, and nature. The music falls calm and soothing that can easily evoke a catchy beat in anyone’s heart.

Jason Perrillo is truly a genius as he streamed the thirteen songs collectively into one album. He has cleverly shown his knowledge and expertise in musical instruments as he keeps changing the instrumental arrangement in the background according to the intensity and depth of the lyrics and vocals for the songs.

The music of the album is influenced by a number of other artists and their bands like Belle and Sebastian, Radiohead, Scott Walker, Pet Shop Boys, Stereolab, E.L.O, The Divine Comedy, Suede, Blur, Pulp, Teenage Fanclub, and Rem. The album truly brings an exclusive and interesting gift for all Britpop, Pop rock, Piano and Chamber pop lovers.

The Elastic Journey strongly bears the manifestation of an interesting melodic pop song collection which is sure to allure any rock and pop music lover.

– Avery Wilson