Responsible Fun: 5 Things to Remember Before Your Next Big Concert

There’s nothing like seeing your favorite band live and hearing them play all the songs you love. But concerts also have plenty of potential risks that could lead to dangerous situations. Remember these five pointers and you’ll be able to enjoy yourself responsibly.

Go with a Group of Responsible Friends
It’s better to go with at least one or two friends, because there’s safety in numbers. With a group, you can all watch out for each other, and you run into any potentially dangerous characters, they’ll be warier about trying anything to a group of people. As a bonus, it’s much more fun when you get to share your good time at a concert with your friends.

Be Careful with Your Cash
Pickpockets and muggers see concerts as an opportunity to score some easy cash. Consider putting your cash somewhere people wouldn’t expect it to be, such as in your sock or an inner pocket on your coat. Or, bring as little cash as possible. It’s better to bring your debit or credit card, because even if it gets stolen, you can cancel it immediately.

Don’t Drink and Drive
There’s really no explanation needed here. If you drink and drive, you could end up killing someone. Even if you don’t, the consequences of driving under the influence (DUI) typically include losing your license, paying fines and taking classes about responsible alcohol use. When you get your license back, you’ll also be looking at much higher insurance rates.

If this is a mistake that you do make, you should consider working with an attorney like Thomas A Corletta or someone similar who has experience with DUI and DWI claims. This could make a huge difference in how much of an impact your mistake has on your life.

Stay Away from Drugs
There can be all kinds of substances at concerts, such pills and marijuana. If you use any of these, you could be arrested. Another danger is that you can’t be sure what you’re ingesting or smoking. There have been cases where concertgoers have died from taking tainted pills, and people can also lace marijuana with other, more dangerous substances.

Watch Out for Shady People
Even though you’re enjoying yourself, stay aware and avoid anyone who gives you a bad vibe. If someone is bothering you or creeping you out, either get back to your friends or find the nearest security guard.

Don’t let any of these tips worry you. Chances are that your concert will go smoothly and you’ll have an amazing time. But keeping these pointers in mind will ensure that you stay safe.