Everything You Must Know To Grow Cannabis Indoors

If you grow cannabis then it is very essential for you to understand the growing process of the cannabis plant. Cannabis plant needs a warm weather for the proper growth and it also needs a very good amount of light to grow.

As you know that every plant absorbs the light and it goes through the process that is known as photosynthesis. In photosynthesis light energy transforms into chemical energy that ensures the growth of the plant. There are many different sources of the light that produce various colors and each light carries a different wavelength as well as energy output.

Requirements for the cultivation of the cannabis

Now that many states in the USA are legalizing recreational use of cannabis lots of folks are growing their own recreational marijuana. This can be loads of fun like brewing your own beer. There is much to learn on this topic so get ready to pay close attention.

If you want to do the cannabis cultivation at the indoor then it has some specific light requirements that you need to match. You can’t just simply shine out the bright light over the plant and sit back relaxed. This is because if you do so then cannabis plants don’t grow to its full length. In order to get the best result and growth of the cannabis plant in indoor conditions, you should need to consider the following things –

Color – Waves of light carries a spectrum of colors such as blue wave is smaller but it contains more energy. While on the other hand red wave is longer but contains less energy. Blue light is considered best for the vegetative growth but for the flowering stage, red is ideal. So, make use of the right light at the right time. If you want to get the cannabis to grow proper then it is the best yield with full spectrum grow lights.

Intensity – Intensity of the light is determined in the lumens and it also determines how much light plant absorbs itself. The light that has less intensity produces stringy and long plants while on the other hand light that has higher intensity grow bushier and shorter plant with high yields. The intensity of the light can also be adjusted by the plant by adjusting the distance of the light from the plant.

Duration – For proper cannabis growth during the vegetative stage you should need to keep the plant at least 13 to 18 hours under the lighting. While on the other hand when the plant is in the flowering stage then it requires an even amount of light as well as dark. As you know that in outdoor conditions everything goes naturally but when you grow it in indoor you should keep checking out the proper lighting so that it reduces the chances of a different kind of plant damage.