4 Surprising Ways Your Home Environment Affects Your Musical Instruments

When you consider your home environment and musical instruments in the same thought, you may simply think of a place where you practice your skills. However, your home environment could actually be damaging your musical instruments in a variety of ways.

Every house has some level of dust in it. Even if the house was just deep cleaned yesterday, a few specks of dust have likely found their way toward attractive surfaces. Dust getting into your instruments could damage them. Also, you might play at a professional level. Bringing a dusty instrument to practice or to a performance may show your instructor or fellow musicians that you don’t really care about the work. Keeping your instruments in protective cases can help.

During the warm months, you may feel the negative effects of humidity even when you’re in your own house. However, your instruments might also be suffering. You might have noticed that a wooden door on your house seems to change a bit in size when it is humid out. Humidity can have that effect on wood. When your instruments are experiencing these changes, they are likely to have some trouble with functionality as well. Now, you have a reason to call a professional, like those at Cape Fear Air Conditioning & Heating Co., Inc, to make your air conditioner work well during the hottest months.

Water Damage
You might store your instruments in the basement so that they are out of the way when you’re using them. Once in a while, you may notice that your instruments don’t sound quite right after a rainstorm. Some basements are prone to flooding. If the flooding is minor, you may not even know that it happens because it dries up before you see it. Even though you aren’t noticing it, the water could be creeping into your instruments.

Keeping your instruments away from pets is pivotal. If you have cats, you likely know how eager they are to tug at strings or to explore virtually any item that is unfamiliar to them. They can also bring dander to your instruments, which could clog up vital internal parts. Your pets also might mistake an instrument for a litter box and cause a serious amount of damage.

Your home could be posing threats to your musical instruments. When you love to play an instrument and have a great deal of respect for it, you should investigate your home to ensure that you’re storing the instrument in the best spot.