Rev Peter Unger – ‘Sounds of Christmas’

Sung with heart and passion, Rev Peter Unger creates a true classic with the delicate “Sounds of Christmas”. The way the song builds up feels warm and familiar, akin to spending time with loved ones during that blessed time of year. Rev Peter Unger crafts a fascinating story, one of faith and togetherness that drives the entire piece forward. Arrangements show great care in how the instruments are given ample room to breathe, with guitars ringing out with a strong sense of purpose. Stylistically Rev Peter Unger opts for a folksy quality with a slight tinge of country western twang. But the true soul of the song rests within Rev Peter Unger’s gorgeous voice which serves as the true highlight of the piece, as his lyrics offer up a poetic sensibility to them.


Things begin on such a soothing note. As the song grows incorporating a larger array of color, the melody becomes ever more touching. Rev Peter Unger lets such detail enter the story, giving it a personal touch. Little gestures add to the tenderness of the track, as the song touches upon the history of the season. Full of happiness and contentment, the song possesses a great deal of reverence while it neatly brings together the history and the present into a glistening whole. By the very end of the song, Rev Peter Unger lets it all come together in a fantastic feeling of togetherness.

Rev Peter Unger sculpts a pitch-perfect piece of pop with the unforgettable bliss of “Sounds of Christmas”.