Jason Gisser – “The River”

Music is powerful, everyone knows that. It can make you feel more than you thought capable, it can take you to faraway lands or to distant memories. It can put you in the shoes of a stranger, and it can make you understand parts of yourself you never really considered before. When musicians put their everything into the music we listen to each day, it’s common that their impact makes you feel something as well. That’s how it goes. Music is a language that can be used in so many ways, and the purest (in my opinion), is to bring out these intense feelings, important memories, and whatever else one is carrying within.

Soulful rock band The Jason Gisser Band is out with a new single called “The River.” The band is known for playing from their hearts and though that, they have a dedicated fanbase that love their live shows for the strong emotions their music elicits. The band is made up of Jason Gisser (vocals and acoustic guitar), Tom Forst (lead guitar), Andrew Fennell (bass), and Big Thurrsty (drums). They’re passionate about what they do and it shows clearly through their music.

This song gives me strong emotions as well, and an even stronger sense of nostalgia. Being from the south, I’ve been to my share of small churches and back woods revivals. This reminded me of them all so strongly that I could almost see my great grandmother’s church, and this is just from the beginning of the song. It feels like my childhood and the life-changing experiences I had. I see old friends, relatives that passed a long time ago, some even before my birth, and the times I’ve had. I can understand why their fans feel the way they do about The Jason Gisser Band’s music.

Gisser’s voice is just as soulful as you’d expect for a band like this. You can hear how genuine he is in his voice, and it’s a great sound. The guitar and bass provide a smooth sound that you can sway to. I don’t know if people dance at their shows, but this is one I’d definitely consider slow dancing to with someone I cared about. The drums make up the backbone of this wonderful song, and given the softness of it, I think the steady rhythm they provide is really a star of “The River,” especially after a few listens.

I would recommend this song to just about anybody, especially those with an appreciation for soul. The Jason Gisser Band has a great sound overall, and I love the slower, gentle sound that “The River” has. Their other music is heavier on the soul, with more varied melodies- all of which I love, but this has a special place in my heart on account of the feelings it evokes. I’ll be keeping an eye out for this band in the future- if more of this music can do this to me, I’ll be happy to hear more of their stuff.



Victoria Patterson