Google Maps co-creator, Lars Rasmussen, along with co-founder Elomida Visviki, present their new music company, Weav Music, and its revolutionary new approach to Adaptive Music. This patent pending technology is at the core of their new running app, Weav Run, which allows songs to adapt to an individual’s speed of motion while running, yielding higher performance. The endorphins that are released when running in sync with the music create a better running and listening experience.

Today, Weav Music announces that hand-picked songs from some of music’s biggest artists will be available through Weav Run via groundbreaking new partnerships with Sony Music, Warner Music, and many of their affiliated labels. Under these agreements, Weav technology will be applied to select songs from its major label partners. Weav Music has also secured a license to experiment with several songs from Universal Music Group artists.

Adaptive Music delivers a dynamic experience that would not be possible with traditional static music. For running, the music matches the runner’s step cadence, so that each step always lands exactly on a beat. Weav’s adaptive technology continuously re-arranges the music in real-time to sound perfect at any tempo. Running in sync to the beat increases performance and makes it more fun. It’s backed by science and feels like flying. Runners will soon be able to set goals and let the music drive them towards success or design an interval running session and ask the music to help them execute it, or even have the music keep their heart rate within the optimum range for the runner’s fitness and health level.

Running is just the start for Weav’s music technology as the possibilities for it are vast: apps for all manners of fitness, meditation, dance, video games, virtual reality and much more will be built around it.