Maxwell Powers – ‘Death (It Feels Alright)’

Maxwell Powers had determined to make something of himself one night back in 2011, when his career starred off. Since then, he has made YouTube videos combining synth driven indie pop music with no budget filming to tell the stories of life, love, and the existential crisis on occasions. This would go on to gain a following having been streamed now over a million times and still ongoing to this day.

So what makes this indie pop artist so unique? Well Maxwell’s most recent efforts is of a track called “Death (It Feels Alright)”, which happens to be the second single off his EP “6 Things”. In which he recorded the entire EP in its entirety right in the corner of his living room. He had collaborated with two veteran Bay Area Engineers/Producers: Mikael Eldridge (Tycho, DJ Shadow) and Sean Beresford (Run DMC, Third Eye Blind). The ending results are tracks showing off one diverse journey that is well deserved, catchy, and rewarding to hear on a deeper listening experience.

Well that being said, all returns to that latest track “Death (It Feels Alright)”, which had Maxwell himself disclose the inspiration and experiences he had with this track, he goes into detail expressing, “It was inspired by an intense experience with Ayahuasca (an ancient South American medicinal drug). The word Ayahuasca means “Death’s Rope” in ancient Quechua, and some people experience the feeling of death during the ceremony. That is, death in what I would describe as the most glorious way you can imagine.”

How does the song hold up after those words were spoken about it. As it turns out, the song is an indie pop track, that has other elemental pieces thrown together, having it sound EDM mixed with futuristic tone to that of the techno trance beat styling. Add on the addition of the of the synthesizer on his vocals, really adds on character to the song. It makes the mood of the track more at peace, making it be incredible, dope, fiery, just downright very good work.

The vocals and music played together, do go well playing off one another. It becomes a cool song with surreal sounds that are catchier as the song progresses or even heard more than just once at times. It has a great sound so much so that it allows for a nice picture formation to concept into your thought pattern and mind. It is just an interesting instrumentally infused track with such vocal work there is so many ways to describe it is hard not to do so.

In short, Maxwell Power’s has crafted together one track that has taken all aback from hearing it. It expresses this source of power, a sound wave if you will, that really captures the essence of the music itself. Using all of these unique sources at the whelm, has it become more than just your average track. “Death (It Feels Alright”, was about an experience he had doing something he had to give a chance, it lead him down a path he did not know would occur, helping him built upon what he created before expanding it just a little more, to amaze us all.

By: Natalie Perez