Wendy Sweetlove

Wendy Sweetlove sings with a bluesy, fiery spirit. Her work nicely merges elements of soul, classic rock, and country into a satisfying whole. Melodies shimmer and shine as the rhythms swing by with such grace. Stylistically, she opts for a wide range of approaches from a burning passionate spirit to something a little more subdued and reflective. Truly her voice is a commanding presence, showing off a fine range from being able to truly belt it out or going for something more intimate, tender even.

Stream: https://wendysweetlove.com/music

Sultry and downright seductive is the aptly named “Delilah”. Quite an expansive sound led by expressive organ work and a powerful chorus, the song drives forward with great fervor. Attention to detail means that a flourish of the organ, the sly bass line, all of it works to flirt with an almost funk as the song unfolds. Taut grooves (now fully funk) is the smoking hot style of “Babysitter”. Within this piece, Wendy Sweetlove describes an entire situation and does it with the utmost of care. Quite playful, the way that the song unfolds is one of a warning, as it begins to come into focus. Stripping things down to the absolute essentials is “I bring the word”. At first quiet, the way that it builds up shows off Wendy Sweetlove’s mastery of her craft.


Throughout Wendy Sweetlove’s music, what truly remains in focus is her thoughtful poetic lyricism that comes to define her style, one that reveals a great knack for storytelling.

By – Beachsloth.com