What to Do When Your Instrument Collection is Taking Up Too Much Space

No matter what instrument or style of music you play, chances are you have a large collection of instruments and musical equipment meant to give you whatever tone you’re looking for in a given song. Most musicians love acquiring and working with new gear, as it gives them a chance to expand their musical horizons. Over time, though, this penchant for gear upgrades can leave musicians with a massive and space-consuming collection. Here are four tips for when your instrument collection gets too big and takes up too much space in your home.

Get New Racks
A simple way to condense your instrument collection is to get some new storage racks. If you’re a guitarist, for example, getting a single rack that can hold six guitars parallel to each other will take up far less space than six free-standing racks. Amplifier stands can also be used to get your amps up off the ground and create more storage space beneath them.

Create a Dedicated Music Room
If you have instruments spread all over your home, you might want to consider dedicating a single room in your house to your instrument collection. By keeping everything in one place, you can limit the clutter in the rest of your house. This can also be useful if you do home recording, as you can make that room into a dedicated home studio space where you can have your recording equipment permanently set up and improve your recording workflow.

Find Off-site Storage
If your instrument collection is really too big to keep in your house, you might consider storing some of the instruments you use less frequently elsewhere. If you are in a band that has a practice space, this can be a good place to keep some instruments. Otherwise, you should look into getting a storage unit, like those at Cheapest Storage Sydney, where your beloved instruments will be safe and accessible to you when you need them.

Sell Some Redundant Equipment
If you’ve been upgrading your gear long enough, you may have some instruments or accessories that you just don’t use anymore because you have better versions of them. Selling off some of this redundant equipment can free up space and give you a little spare cash for other things. Just be sure that anything you sell is something you really won’t need to use again in the future for other musical projects.

Finding space for a growing collection of musical instruments is one of the biggest challenges of being a musician. Using these tips, you can condense your collection and eliminate some of the clutter in your home. That is, until you make your next big gear purchase.