Lisa Marie Ellingsen – ‘A Little Help From Above’

It’s no wonder Lisa Marie Ellingsen said that her track “A Little Help From Above”, was an “Old time gospel song written in the style of The Carter Family”. Sure enough she was right. For those wondering though, The Carter Family was in their time a traditional American folk music group ,who began way back in the 1920s, all the way until the present day of here and now in 2017. One of the more noticeable Carter’s was June Carter of The Carter Family, who was also the second wife to singer Johnny Cash another well known country performer of his time. All of this rotating back to Lisa Marie Ellingsen’s track “A Little Help From Above”, of course.

Now Lisa Marie Ellingsen does take folk music into consideration, for this track in particular, but a lot of her other genre picking brings out her other styles such as good old rock n’ roll, country, blues, alternative country, country, with some good old blended Americana thrown on in for good measure. How it all sums itself upon this track, has it become quite an artistic work of art. The track begins with a rather slow approach, but as the song progresses, it continues with a more medium based tone of melody. The instruments really being the center focus here, as you hear a lot of the guitar and fiddle doing their back and forth with one another. While Lisa Marie Ellingsen is heard with her soft enlightened tone of voice, bringing the music full circle. She just has this way of working with the melodies singing them with a heartfelt tone of voice, where you can feel the emotions flowing through her vocal chords, right into the flow of the music.

As far as what this track goes into details about, it is hard to say really. It sounds a lot like she is discussing about our God up above, while also discussing her life down here on Earth, unsure on what to do or where to go from here. It is a rock n’ roll lullaby of sorts, that keeps the folk country rock style kicking for all it’s worth really. Which has to bring us to her as a song writer, not picking up the trait until her 20’s she has created this track, as well as many others along the way. This track of sorts, does bring out her creative side rather well. She has the skill set working front and center, while the focus of the music is heard clear as can be through the musical portion of this track.

It is clearly all there written, recorded, and played out from start to finish. In short, “A Little Help From Above” is one heck of a track. It brings out all of the genres she has crafted together herself, to bring out this classic country song, that is a true indicator of her musical nature. It is as if this good old lullaby of a song is more outspoken than it should be really. It has that sense going for it, becoming one of those timeless classic songs of this point in time for singer-songwriter Lisa Marie Ellingsen.

By: Natalie Perez