Highland Kites – ‘I’m Not Weak’

Highland Kites sculpt a surreal sound on the dream-pop shoegaze inspired “I’m Not Weak”. Melodies glisten with a sense of majesty. Vocals possess an angelic quality to them while they drift up into the sky. Simplicity is key for the way the songs are kept to the essentials gives them a true emotional impact. Rhythms help in this effort giving the songs a physicality to them. Layering is done with the utmost of ease, allowing the sound to feel so airy, with a nearly summery attitude that informs the entirety of the collection.

Easily the highlight of the collection comes with the opener “Nothing To Say”. Full of strength and power the song grows ever more majestic until it reaches a joyous fevered finale. Minimalism reigns supreme over the late-80s spirit of “Monster” where Highland Kites slows things down into a surreal soundscape. Delving a little into a folksy temperament is the tenderness of “Temporary Life” where the vocals add to the gentleness that dominates the sound. Continuing down in a similar vein is the intimate setting of “You’ll Never Know” where the vocals come together in a glorious choir. For a while they are the focus of the piece. Slowly but surely the song evolves, growing ever more colorful. Ending the collection off with a reflective moment is the imaginative work of “I’m Not Weak” as the echoing voice adds to the expansiveness of the work.


“I’m Not Weak” shows Highland Kites’ uncanny ability to craft lovely, light-filled atmospheres.

By – beachsloth.com