Samantha Leon – ‘Bright Yellow Shoes’

Whenever an artist or band goes as far as combining together multiple genres together to create something all their own, it could work out flawlessly or disappointedly for them. In the case of Samantha Leon she has taken into account three genre choices for her musical career path, which are folk, soul, and pop. How does the trio of genres hold up when it comes to her new song turned single “Bright Yellow Shoes”, made into video. Well the trio of genres works out rather decently actually.

The song’s title “Bright Yellow Shoes”, has nothing to do with a pair of bright yellow shoes. So if you were thinking it did, it does not at all. In fact, this song turned single, went as far as receiving a video to accompany it’s single release. The video also not showcasing a pair of bright yellow shoes at all. The video just shows off Samantha Leon herself laying in bed, no not naked if that was where your thoughts were headed, get them out of the gutter fast and quick. She is fully clothed just laying atop the bed on her side, singing right at you, her song we are discussing right here, right now for “Bright Yellow Shoes”.

In regards to the vocals, her delivery is impressive, yet soothing and catching. She has this way with her vocal chords that allows for the melody presented to be so drawing, that it brings a smile to your face. While the song’s structure is done rather well, it sounds decent, quality is preserved case and point. The song’s melody goes well with her vocal skills, that just keeps everything in tune, making the music sound decent, yet satisfactory.
Whereas her style have had comments range from “I love this song so much” to others mentioning that the video itself is well “The video is brilliant in its simplicity, you look stunning and your tone is sweet and sumptuous love it”. Those comments alone, could not be more agreed upon really. For those wondering where this song comes from, it is likely to appear on the self-titled EP set for release this summer! So expect the quality to sound tip top shape upon that release, just as it sounds released individually. Plus of course other tracks of decent enough quality, really showing off Samantha Leon’s skills as an artist and musician of sorts.

That being said, Samantha Leon’s “Bright Yellow Shoes”, is a decent song with catching melodies, upbeat tones, that brings out the trio of genres enlisted before. It is like she took those genres she liked, exposing them beyond their abilities as genres can get. It is like her music even this single, really expresses those genres, you can hear a lot of that soul and pop within this track, there are some moments of folk. But the soul and pop is truly right there front and center, giving off this attention seeking source of pride and passion.

Which is kind of what Samantha Leon does as an artist herself. She is not attention seeking oh no. But has her ways with music. “Bright Yellow Shoes”, as a song and video choice, is one that is done well, addressing all there is for her to do as a person, with musical traits such as these she portrays right here.

By: Natalie Perez –