Demure For Sure Shares “Party Hardy” Video

It’s always an interesting experience immersing yourself in the music of what most people call a “bedroom project.” More often than not, you are granted an intimate view into the world of an artist as they take full ownership over the sounds and narratives that come from purpose, happy accidents and everything else in-between that serves as influence.

For the NYC-based Zach de Sorbo, recording under the moniker Demure For Sure has allowed him to explore a varying array of styles and textures that all play like a night locked in a lucid dream. Now, Demure For Sure is readying his latest vision, the otherworldly art-rock album, Tie-Dye Shadows.

Across the LP’s 10 tracks, de Sorbo crafts a sonic narrative that weaves in glam, pop, art-rock and all manner of dark, dreamy aesthetics with forthcoming singles “Coconut, Rum and Banana” and “It’s Magic” drawing immediate comparisons to Ariel Pink.