Famous Faces in the Fog: Celebrities Who Proudly Love to Vape

Vaping has become a popular alternative for people who like to smoke traditional tobacco: it’s a healthier choice and it can even help you wean yourself off of smoking of any form for good.

In fact, vaping has become so popular that many celebrities can be seen with an electronic cigarette in their hands when they’re out on the town or on a television or movie set. Here’s a short list of a few celebrities who enjoy vaping and how you can vape while being considerate to others when you’re in public.

Film and Television Stars

Some of the most visible celebrities who enjoy vaping are film and television actors who sometimes need the calming relief of vaping while they are on set or enjoying a night out with friends and family.

Leonardo DiCaprio, Norman Reedus, Jack Black, Katherine Heigl and Samuel L. Jackson have all been spotted vaping in public or on the set of their latest work. Vaping allows them to enjoy the soothing effects that nicotine gives without the health dangers of traditional tobacco.

Musicians Who Vape

Vaping isn’t just for the stars of the big and small screen. There are plenty of musicians who like to partake in vaping as well, probably because they can still smoke without the harsh effects of tobacco on their throats so they can still those awesome notes.

Pop icon Katy Perry, Rock N Roller Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters, Bruno Mars and even the prolific Barry Manilow all like to indulge in the vaping habit.

Vaping is a great alternative to smoking traditional tobacco because it is far more healthy to do so and it is still widely acceptable to do so in public. This gives many people — including celebrities — a chance to enjoy themselves without having to stand in a dark, lonely alley to puff away on a cigarette.

How to Vape in Public

If you want to vape in public, you can do so, but you need to check the policies of the establishment you’re at first. Some places don’t allow smoking of any kind, which includes vaping, so if you’re unsure, just ask.

Also, if you want to vape in public, choose a flavoring that’s not too aggressive for other people. Sites like Far eliquids of hundreds of different flavorings, and you should be able to find a nice one to take out with you if you plan on vaping in public. If you are at a restaurant, try to contain your vape cloud as best you can, as any type of flavoring can ruin someone’s meal.

Above all else, be courteous to others. Although vaping has been around for awhile, it’s still new to some people, and if you are obnoxious about your habit, you are giving others a bad impression and ruining it for other vapers. Respect the wishes of other people and the establishment you’re in.

Vaping is a popular habit, even for celebrities!