Sara Ontaneda – ‘Entre Espacios y Colores’

With a light and airy sound, Sara Ontaneda’s “Entre Espacios y Colores” is a timeless tasteful piece of pop. Effortlessly blending catchy melodies with a nimble jazzy quality, the pieces are arranged with the greatest of grace. The album works best when taken in together, for every song builds off the last. A narrative starts to form over the course of the album, one nicely buttressed by the delicate rhythms and glorious riffs. By far the highlight of the album are Sara Ontaneda’s vocals which adorn the album.


Things start off just right with the leisurely groove of “Chico Bien”. Summery in style, the song unfurls slowly revealing its attention to detail. Even slower and more contemplative in attitude is “Aprovechar”. Nearly folk-like with its approach is the down to earth mood of “My City”. Dreamy as if lost in a haze is the glorious “A Pensar” where the percussion is extremely gentle, as the song explores glorious atmospheres. Low-key in temperament is the mellowed “Darling”. Opting for a quiet buildup is the lovely work of “Huecos” where the guitar work is quite magnificent. One of the catchiest pieces on the album is the spirited “Waiting Outside”. “Park Drive” delves into a classic 70s jazz-pop groove. Ending the album off on a high note is the passionate performance of “Guiame” which brings things to a blissful conclusion.

Lingering in the mind long after it is over, Sara Ontaneda’s “Entre Espacios y Colores” is poetic and powerful.

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