Coheed and Cambria to play “NeverEnder GAIBSIV” tour

The multi-dimensional, progressive-rock band, Coheed and Cambria announced today that they will be touring the US this spring, performing their landmark third album, “Good Apollo, I’m Burning Star IV: From Fear Through The Eyes of Madness”, in its entirety. The tour, entitled NEVERENDER GAIBSIV, will take the band across North America commencing on April 11, and ending May 20, and including stops at the Hollywood Palladium; Aragon Theater in Chicago; and the Blues Hill Bank Pavilion in Boston. Support on all non-festival dates will be from The Dear Hunter.


Genre-bending Nashville electronic trio BASECAMP share an eye-catching new video for their track “The Hunter” from their In Stone EP out via OWSLA. Directed by BLAWNKO, a young visionary from the GLO.Digital camp, the video uses 3D scans of each member and fuses CG with live-action to play on the concept of perception vs. reality. The dichotomy of such a soulful track and the alien-like visuals makes for a gripping experience.

Bad Seeds new single ‘No Matter What’

Quote from Moises Juarez from Tomorrows Bad Seeds:

“For this track I was fortunate enough to work producer Chaz Toney at his studio in Carson, CA and we were able to tap into that classic Tomorrows Bad Seeds feel-good sound. The song is about embracing independace and keeping a positive mind in this crazy world. When the rat race is so competitive we wanted to acknowledge the hard working women out there who work two jobs to finish school and launch new careers or just to chase their dreams. Everyone just needs to remind themselves that it’s ok to let loose every once and a while and have fun with it! And remember don’t let any one steal ya sunshine No Matter What!”

Rising Country Artist Matt Gary Releases Lyric Video for “Back”

Rising Country artist Matt Gary has released a new lyric video for his single “Back” The song is off to a very fast start @ Country Radio, with 60 stations already playing the song.

The song is about a man’s desire to win back an old flame whose passion he still yearns for. The video features background scenes of a metropolitan hotel room with sweeping views of a city, interspersed with haunting images of a beautiful woman who seems just out of reach.

INTERNAL BLEEDING: New York Death Metal Pioneers To Unleash “Final Justice”

Long-running New York death metal pioneers INTERNAL BLEEDING will unleash a brand new single later this month via Unique Leader Records. Titled “Final Justice,” the track serves as a teaser from the band’s forthcoming full-length, Corrupting Influence, an album that promises to continue where their last album, the critically-acclaimed Imperium, left off.

“Final Justice” takes the patented INTERNAL BLEEDING sound into new, more intense levels. It’s still filled with all the hooks, slams, and grooves you’ve come to expect from the band, but at the same time, it’s more sophisticated, sharper, and focused than anything they’re released previously. From a recording standpoint, the band focused on achieving a very “live” sound by eschewing the heavily edited, paint-by-numbers productions that are so prevalent today.

Monograms Shares “OK Promises,” Split 7″

Brooklyn band Monograms has two upcoming releases: a split 7″ with Pink Mexico, due out this Friday (4/7), and a new EP, Silencer, due out April 21st. Both feature new single “OK Promises,” which premiered today via Alt Citizen and is streaming on Soundcloud.

The Porchistas resist #45 with “Mister Chump”

Sometimes when examining the whirring machinery that is the monolithic music industry, we lose sight of what got us into the art in the first place. A sense of community from state to state, city to city and beyond are the real ties that bind when devoting yourself to music on some level, and the Montclair, NJ-based group The Porchistas have embodied that spirit from their inception.

As the band’s founder Alan “Sucia” Smith shares, “We see music and art as community building endeavors. When we throw events and shows at the house we try to make them trash free or trash minimal at least. We make food and have pot lucks to try to stoke a sense of community. We try to do things a little differently to show that rock and roll doesn’t have to be a wasteful shit show. Caring about the planet and progressive politics are a part of who we are and I don’t want that to be separate from my music life.”

VALBORG: New Album, ‘Endstrand’, Streaming in Full

German extreme metal band VALBORG has signed with underground indie Lupus Lounge / Prophecy Productions. The self-described “German metal monster” will release its new full-length LP, Endstrand, on April 7. In advance of the record’s release, Decibel is streaming Endstrand in full, adding, “Progressive death/doom crew Valborg have drawn attention to themselves over the years for their unique sound, often described as some combination of Type O Negative meets Celtic Frost meets Triptykon”.

CLITERATI: Portland Hardcore Punk Unit Unleashes “Looking For The Answers”

CLITERATI – the Portland, Oregon-grown hardcore punk unit featuring Poison Idea, Voetsek, and Murderess alumni – today undrapes the visual accompaniment to “Looking For The Answers.” The two-plus-minute bruiser comes by way of their self-titled EP.

Initially released via Tankcrimes digitally, the EP will make its seven-inch vinyl debut Friday, April 7th. Cliterati was recorded and mixed by Andrew Grosse and mastered by Jose DeLara at Caravan Studios and remastered for vinyl for maximum bad assery by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound.

Video Premiere: CLITERATI “Looking for the Answers”

Moses Mosima ‘Fri(END)s’

Moses Mosima knows his way around a song. Highest Basement Collective’s emotive RnB man brings raw feelings to the forefront of his projects over spacey production and cozy samples. Don’t let Mosima’s relaxed delivery fool you either. There’s joy, despair and everything in between from start to finish. And with influences that range from Pink Floyd to Outkast; it’s no wonder this crooner has an easy time expressing himself in an eclectic way.

Simon Doom Premieres New Single!

“I Feel Unloved”, which was co-produced by Ben Goldwasser and Andrew VanWyngarden of MGMT, shows the ability of Simon O’Connor (the man behind the Simon Doom Project) to incorporate a lifetime worth of musical experience into a brand of power pop that is at once innovative and accessible. You can stream “I Feel Unloved” now on Spotify and Soundcloud.

Robin Mossing “Won’t Keep You Waiting”

A friend in the music industry introduced Robin to Georgie Porgie – a legendary certified hit maker! Georgie fell in love with “Won’t Keep You Waiting.” Immediately they had the song remixed and released worldwide via RMR/Music Plant Group. The song has achieved #1 status on many charts around the World! Radio Stations and DJs continue to play this Hit in over 25+ countries!!!

TOMBOi Releases First Full Length Album ‘Spectrum’

Spectrum, a synth-heavy body of work, takes listeners on a roller coaster ride, touching on topics about sexual freedom; paying homage to just how far the queer liberation movement has come, to more upbeat offerings. Lead vocalist Alex E, pulls listeners in from start to finish with her textured sounds captivating throughout on this irresistible catchy nine-track compilation.

The Aquatune 5712

The Aquatune 5712 is the perfect summer companion, no matter where the summer takes you. This weatherproof bluetooth speaker pumps out 12 hours of crisp dynamic sound and can be submerged in water for up to 30 minutes.

The durable clip makes it easy to bring the compact yet powerful speaker along to the pool, beach, hiking, bike riding, traveling, or any other adventure this summer. Retail: $34.99

Aquatune 5712

Eric Bellinger – “Make You Mine”

Fresh off the heels of his Eric B. For President: Term 2 EP, Eric Bellinger is sharing the ThisIsRnB-premiered visual for “Make You Mine,” which has Bellinger diving into a pulsating dancehall beat for one of his steamiest songs yet. With aerial shots above Malibu and a gorgeously blue Pacific Ocean, “Make You Mine” shows the multi-faceted singer/songwriter stunting in both a sports car and yellow Vans, all while making the girl of his dreams fall in love. Cruising in a beautiful yacht with Christina Milian while dropping sultry lines, Eric Bellinger has the ability to make you his with a flick of his wrist.

ALEXIS NICOLE Releases Her Third Single “HOW DAT FEEL”

Growing up in the center of all great musical stories – the church in her hometown of Richmond, Virginia –Alexis Nicole may have started her musical career in the same vein as most but she won’t end up like most. Artists can be made. Legends are born. Singer/songwriter Alexis Nicole is proof of the latter. Her music career and journey are a starting testament to the greatness that is to come.

G Herbo Releases Visuals For “Take Me Away” Today

G Herbo released emotive visuals for the fan-adored track “Take Me Away”, directed by LVTRTOINNE, via The Fader yesterday. Wrought to escape the violence in his hometown, G Herbo reflects on his tumultuous upbringing and desire to escape the chaos that plagues the city of Chicago, on “Take Me Away”.

“Jason Molina: Riding with the Ghost” book out May 15

Rowman & Littlefield is excited to announce the May 15 release of Jason Molina: Riding with the Ghost. The book is the first critical examination of the life and work of the man behind Songs: Ohia and Magnolia Electric Co., who died in March 2013. With the blessing and participation of Molina’s family, friends, bandmates and record label, author Erin Osmon meticulously traces Molina’s earliest experiences growing up in a trailer park in Lorain, OH, to his last days as an artist addicted to alcohol.

Jason Molina: Riding with the Ghost is available for pre-order now through Rowman & Littlefield publishers, as well as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Target and Hive (in the UK).

Secretly Canadian is offering a limited-edition bundle that includes an LP pressing of Molina’s first radio session at Oberlin College in 1994, during which he performed early versions of Songs: Ohia material as well as songs that cannot be heard anywhere else.

Parade magazine and BackStory Events Present John Oates

Live streaming producers BackStory Events have teamed with Parade magazine and for a unique event with Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee, John Oates. Hosted in New York at the legendary Cutting Room, the BackStory team will present a live interview, acoustic performance and meet and greet with Oates as he discusses his new memoir, Change of Seasons. The event takes place on Wednesday, April 19, 2017 at 6:00 p.m. EST.

The event will be live streamed on Parade magazine’s website at, on its YouTube channel, and its Facebook page.

Shugo Tokumaru shares “Hikageno” off his upcoming album

On his previous albums, Japanese multi-instrumentalist Shugo Tokumaru has brilliantly showcased his ability to push the boundaries of what pop music can be — crafting infinitely rewarding songs built on layers upon layers of sounds produced by instruments both familiar and unique.

For TOSS, Tokumaru originally intended to take a much more straightforward path, enlisting the help of musicians from around the world (including members of his live band, an orchestra, Maya Denki, and many others) to record bits and pieces of music without knowing how they would ultimately be used.

25 of the Most Expensive Vintage Music Records

If you’ve got an old collection of vinyl records collecting dust in your attic or loft, it might be time to dig it out – MrGamez have found which rare records sell for the most.

Are you a Beatles aficionado or a Sex Pistols maniac? Do you have old Bowie vinyls and Classical recordings tucked away? If you do, you’re probably not inclined to part with your collection – but you might change your mind when you see the prices they go for.

A new study from MrGamez has found the most expensive record prices on the market today, judged on what they’ve sold for when auctioned off. And if you bought them from the shop on the corner back in the 60s with your allowance, you might be surprised to find out just how much they go for now…

Yellow House’s “It Feels the Same Everyday”

It’s off his upcoming album ‘A Carnival of Fears’, out 4/20, which chronicles the severe juxtaposition of expectation and reality in young adulthood. It is an intimate journey through the first contact with love, alienation, disillusion and politics. Emile van Dango (aka Yellow House) wrote, produced, and performed the album’s tracks in his home studio by himself.

Compiled through years of home recording and writing, ‘A Carnival of Fears’ is an “all scars bared” approach to detailing a young musicians journey from teenage folky, to the fruition of a young man settled firmly in his unique unapologetic vision.

CANVAS release bootleg mixtape today

Swedish electronic duo CANVAS today release their bootleg mixtape. Featuring reworks of Shura, Tove Lo, Astrid S, Duvchi, CAZZETTE and a sneak preview of their next single ‘Wasting Time?, which is out April 14th on HMWL. CANVAS are brothers Robin and Andreas Schulz.

Flamingods release new interactive video game & music video

Releasing their latest EP through Moshi Moshi Records (Teleman, Slow Club, Anna Meredith), Flamingods new interactive video totally immerses fans in their strange and beautiful world.

More video game than video, the visuals for ‘Kewali’ – the eponymous title track and first single of their new EP – sees the group challenging and redefining the promotional video format. Ostensibly a first-person walking sim in the vein of truly mind-bending contemporary blockbusters like Dear Esther, Gone Home, and The Stanley Parable, Kewali uproots you, the nameless traveller, and places you in the psychedelic landscape around Kewali temple.

Swiss Acid-Rock Ritual Boogie trio unleashed another song with “Seagulls”

A few days after the video of the single “La Décadence”, sill available right now on YouTube, Psychedelic/acid-rock power-trio from Switzerland, Ritual Boogie just unveiled a brand new excerpt from its upcoming album with the song “Seagulls” up on Bandcamp.

Floor Staff shares new single “A Love Sublime”

Floor Staff is pop music that plays on the contrast between the grandiose and the intimate, persona and person, exploring themes of social expectations and their accompanying anxieties.

Sultan + Shepard release ‘Damn’ feat. Red Rosamond

Since their release of “Cashmere Sweater,” Sultan + Shepard have come forth with a brand-new single. “Damn,” which features the vocals of LA-based singer-songwriter Red Rosamond, is out now via Armada Music. Immediately striking the right tone with Red Rosamond’s velvet vocals and an enchanting chord sequence, ‘Damn’ is without a doubt genre-defying. Showcasing a top-notch synergy between its dance music partitions, rocky guitar drones and poppy piano-based foundation, ‘Damn’ is expression of awe that will roll of your tongue at least a dozen times over the course of this song.


Today Pacemaker, an Apple Design Award winning app and a Techstars Music accelerator company, takes their music mix-making iPhone app to an un-matched level and introduces a set of powerful features called Pacemaker+. Powered by Pacemaker’s unique AI DJ technology, it allows anyone to create and share seamless, pro-level DJ mixtapes and mashups, using Spotify’s vast 30 million track catalogue. They have invented and patented a file format called Metamix, which solves the legal issues tied to music licensing seen in traditional mix making. It does not require downloading files and allows for easier social sharing of mixes through a new universal format. Legendary Young Guru kicks off the announcement with his own mix created with Pacemaker+.

Post-rock outfit Pray For Sound release music video

One of the more unflinchingly uplifting moments of the album comes in the form of track “Everywhere, Everywhere,” with its dreamy guitar washes and compelling melodies. It’s the perfect soundtrack for good times, which makes the setting of the music video for it—which we’re proud to be premiering below—all the more appropriate. The clip, directed by Micki Hadley, seems simple enough with its focus on individuals jumping off of a high dive into a pool in slow motion, but sometimes you really just don’t need anything more complicated than that. It’s just a group of people having a blast and taking some big leaps, ultimately floating carelessly under the water’s surface. As the winter finally appears ready to loosen its grip for good here in the States and usher in warmer weather, a pool and chilling with some buds sounds pretty dang good right about now. – Nick Cusworth

THRILLERS release “HEAT” video

Electro-pop-blood-brothers THRILLERS are preparing to release their debut full-length, Break Free on April 28 and now has a video for lead single “HEAT”, which recently premiered over at LADYGUNN. Soaked in red, the video alternates between the erotic and the esoteric; a sensual dancer is juxtaposed by the duo’s stillness as they appear intertwined together, cloaked in black foil, or caught behind an opaque but seemingly impenetrable wall.

Mark Pritchard Shares New Video

Nearly a year ago Mark Pritchard released his critically lauded album Under The Sun. The album follows themes of beauty, desolation and reminiscing about home. Standout track “Give It Your Choir” Feat Bibio has now been given the video treatment by acclaimed Dutch video director Emmanuel Adjei and was shot as a single take full frame monochrome. The video also features Olegar Fedoro who starred in Andrei Tarkovsky’s cult classic ‘Stalker’.

Glacial Pace Recording’s Morning Teleportation share new single via Stereogum

Bowling Green, KY’s Morning Teleportation – the Paste “Best of What’s Next” anointed group of Tiger Merritt (vocals/guitar/keyboards) and Travis Goodwin (keyboards/vocals) – shared the second single from the band’s new album Salivating for Symbiosis out April 28th via Glacial Pace Recordings.

Ten Cents Short release “Beggars”

Massachusetts pop-punk quartet Ten Cents Short will be releasing their sophomore EP Major Steps, Minor Setbacks later this summer, but today, the band has shared a lyric video for the first single “Beggars.” The heavily melodic track about abandonment and acceptance is a crowd-ready, head-bobbing track, accented with an irresistible guitar lead.

Jonny P’s “Stand By” Acoustic Video Premieres at Atwood Magazine

A new acoustic video for Jonny P’s song, “Stand By,” recently premiered at Atwood Magazine. Of the songs and video, the site praises, “…a pulsating bassline, southern styled guitar riffs and subtle background horns serve as fluid waves for P’s smooth sailing vocals and storytelling…the acoustic take, definitely an ode to the minimalism of the song, captures an insanely stylish and crooning Jonny P…”

The song is from Jonny P’s forthcoming EP, Good To You, which will be released April 21 on Big Picnic Records. The EP was produced by guitarist Goffrey Moore, working in tandem with Jonny P, and was mixed by Tom Elmhirst (Adele, Frank Ocean, Jamie XX, Amy Winehouse, Mark Ronson) and features James Gadson (Quincy Jones, Paul McCartney, Herbie Hancock, Beck, BB King, Jamie Lidell) on drums.

SONIKKU ‘Sky Sanctuary’

After reviving his 16-bit soul with rampantly joyful and excessively hedonistic escapades in New York, the now newly-named SONIKKU (casting off the DJ moniker of old and focussing purely on his namesake) takes refuge in the legendary high altitude temple, rising from the forest through the clouds and to a monumental blue-hued floating structure. Sky Sanctuary.


Orem, Utah four piece, The Aces, are excited to share their brand new single ‘Physical’ today via NPR All Songs Considered. Mixed by Mike Crossey, the track will appear on the band’s debut EP, I Don’t Like Being Honest, which will be released globally on June 23rd via Red Bull Records. Fans can purchase ‘Physical’ everywhere tomorrow.

The quartet are made up of sisters Cristal (on lead vocals/guitar), and drummer Alisa Ramirez, completed by guitarist Katie Henderson and bassist McKenna Petty. Thanks to their family, the American-Honduran siblings were exposed to music early on: at home their mom played Earth, Wind & Fire, Michael Jackson, and Whitney Houston, meanwhile their older brother introduced them to The Misfits, The Casualties, and Hendrix.

UNTIL RAIN: PureGrainAudio Premieres “Progressus In Idem”

“Progressus In Idem” is the new single from Thessaloniki, Greece-based alternative/progressive metal act, UNTIL RAIN, the song hailing from the band’s third album, Inure, which is approaching release through Sensory Records. The new track has been issued through an exclusive premiere at PureGrainAudio.

Offers the band with the premiere, “We couldn’t be more excited to release another song from our soon-to-be-released album, Inure. It’s the opener, it’s heavy and we can’t wait to play it live for you. See you on the road!”

‘Lose My Mind’ #1 House Record in Traxsource

The First Collaboration from IN THE LOOP Label Boss Lupe Fuentes and IN THE LOOP Regulars Alaia & Gallo “Lose My Mind” is burning up the Traxsource Charts and has been standing strong at #1 on the House chart since Miami Music Week! “Lose My Mind” is also climbing the overall Traxsource Chart at #2 overall ! With early support from Kerri Chandler, Lee Foss, Joseph Capriati, Roger Sanchez, Todd Terry, Roland Clark, Tommy Trash, Oliver Heldens, Tony Humphries, Vanilla Ace, Baggi Begovic, Vanilla Ace, Crookers , Loco Dice, Anthony Attalla, Harry Romero, Monki and more! Please support, buy, chart, share and spread the love of this amazing tune from IN THE LOOP…bringing you dance floor fire weekly from the IN THE LOOP Crew!

Unruly 8-Piece, OhBree, Premiere “Tiny Tethers”

Eight-piece indie rock troupe, OhBree, teamed up with Substream Magazine this Tuesday to premiere “Tiny Tethers” – the first single from their upcoming album, Burn Bridges, Burn Pies (Out May 19th). The new single continues the story of archenemies Olsson and Edward – two sci-fi fantasy inspired characters that have been popping up in OhBree’s music since their first LP We Miss You Edward, Come Home. The two have been going head to head in violent retaliation since their conception – “Tiny Tethers” is sung from the perspective of a livid Edward reflecting on everything Olsson has done to ruin his life. Substream commended the single calling it a “piano-driven, roller coaster of fun from start to finish”.

Vince Neil Headlines Free Memorial Day Weekend Block Party at Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino

This Memorial Day Weekend, family get-togethers, picnics and backyard barbecues will be replaced by Rock The Street, this year’s biggest and loudest FREE concert weekend at the Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino. Just in time to celebrate the 30th anniversary of rock’s biggest anthem “Girls, Girls, Girls,” Vince Neil will be the first to take center stage and transform Downtown Las Vegas’ 3rd Street with Mötley Crüe’s biggest hits on Saturday, May 27 with opener Todd Kerns & the Anti-Stars. Then, before the stage has a chance to cool off, it will ignite once more on Sunday, May 28 for the FREE rock n’ roll concert homage and street barbecue, Tribute Nation on 3rd starring Pyromania, Trinity and Faux Fighters performing the all-time favorites from Def Leppard, Boston, Styx, Foo Fighters and Foreigner.


Punchline has released a new single titled “Darkest Horse” featuring Matt Thiessen of Relient K. You can stream the single via the InVogue Records YouTube channel.

“Matt (Thiessen) had been hanging around my recording studio in Nashville. He was there when we tackled the bridge in the song. I love how the sincerity in his voice brings out the message in the lyrics. Also. this is the first Punchline song with an accordion in it,” says Punchline vocalist Steve Soboslai.

ALL HELL: BrooklynVegan Premieres “Laid To Unrest” Video From Blackened Thrash Unit

Next week, North Carolina-grown blackened thrash trio ALL HELL will drop the molten fruits of the The Grave Alchemist full-length,a twelve-track, narrative-driven, horror-based concept album that weaves a tale of alchemy, necromancy, and vampirism over the span of three centuries. As a precursor to its release, today BrooklynVegan premieres the band’s “Laid To Unrest” video.

RAVEN – New EP “The Burning EP”

After the release of the single ‘Phoenix’ on March 24th, Raven prepares to release her first EP, “The Burning EP” on May 12th. Upon the release of Phoenix, The Huffington Post featured Raven and world premiered the Phoenix video. Raven is quoted in the article saying “The song is an epic tribal victory anthem”.


Maybach Music Group/Atlantic Records artist WALE has announced the release of his hugely anticipated fifth studio album, “SHINE,” which arrives everywhere May 5th. The Grammy-nominated rapper’s new collection features collaborations with features from Travis Scott, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, Major Lazer, G-Eazy, J Balvin and even Wale’s daughter Zyla, to name a few.


Artist turned activist, MILCK, will bring communities across the globe together on Saturday, April 8th, at 1pm (in all time zones) to release an “intention avalanche” focused on healing ourselves and the world through song and sharing.

Steven Tyler “Janie’s Got a Gun” Soundwaves Benefit

Steven Tyler is bringing the re-recording of “Janie’s Got A Gun” to life to support his philanthropic initiative Janie’s Fund. The project with Soundwaves artist Tim Wakefield has produced unique and distinctive digital artworks on canvas to be sold through the Soundwaves Art Foundation to support the fund.

Through “Janie’s Got a Gun,” Tyler gave a voice to abused girls and women. Now, with the creation of Janie’s Fund, he is helping girls heal from the trauma of abuse and neglect. Tyler says, “‘Janie’s Got A Gun?’ No. Janie’s Got a FUND!”

Steven Tyler: “Janie’s Got a Gun” (Signed Prints)

Rexx Life Raj – “Handheld GPS”

A gentle giant with a smooth singing voice and a curious mind, Rexx Life Raj is one of the most insightful and melodic songwriters in hip-hop. An existential rumination on the role of modern-day technology that doubles as a breezy, acoustic guitar-laden piece of ear candy produced by JULiA LEWiS, “Handheld GPS” is one of the best examples of what Rexx Life Raj can do. Originally released last May, Pitchfork praised “Handheld GPS,” saying “Raj has the charisma to become known outside Northern California.” The Bay Area native is finally releasing the video for “Handheld GPS,” complete with doodle animations and gorgeous views of El Capitan and Half-Dome at Yosemite National Park.

Stereogum ‘Band To Watch’ Thunder Dreamer Premiere New Song “You Know Me”

Evansville, IN’s Thunder Dreamer – named a ‘Band To Watch’ by Stereogum earlier this week – premiered their new single “You Know Me” this morning via GoldFlakePaint. Called “Resounding proof that intricate delicacy can be just as memorable and captivating as something altogether more forceful.”

Sultan + Shepard Release New Radio-Friendly Single “Damn”

Since their release of “Cashmere Sweater,” Sultan + Shepard have come forth with a brand-new single. “Damn,” which features the vocals of LA-based singer-songwriter Red Rosamond, is out now via Armada Music. Immediately striking the right tone with Red Rosamond’s velvet vocals and an enchanting chord sequence, “Damn” is without a doubt genre-defying. Showcasing a top-notch synergy between its dance music partitions, rocky guitar drones and poppy piano-based foundation, “Damn” is about the power play between two people. The magnetism, the seduction… It’s finding the strength in vulnerability.

Kid Astray – New Single ‘Fall To My Knees’

With influences ranging from MGMT to Passion Pit, the band’s intentions of creating hugely enjoyable pop music has been the cornerstone of their entire career thus far.

Their latest single release ‘Fall To My Knees’ continues this promising legacy by infusing a more euphoric sound into a more conventional electro-pop dynamic, resulting in a track that not only stands out from its peers, but is also enjoyable throughout.

The Solars Share “Goddess of the Suburbs” Single!

The Solars are excited to release their newest single, “Goddess of the Suburbs,” today! Premiered on IMPOSE Magazine, “Goddess of the Suburbs” is the third single from the group’s upcoming debut EP Retitled Remastered – available April 21st. IMPOSE wrote, “‘Goddess of the Suburbs’ brings to mind images of lazy summer days, poolside and with a lemonade in hand.” The track is a sunny psych folk tune that describes the discomfort and paranoia of being stuck in your skin at a time when you wish you were anywhere else.

Tasha The Amazon – “Prayer”

Atypical among Toronto artists because of her industrial rap sound, Tasha The Amazon brings a fiery intensity to her music. Basking in the spotlight with a dozen of her best friends, Tasha cuts a menacing figure in “Prayer,” her latest music video. Premiered by PAPER Mag, the video evokes Tasha’s legendary warehouse parties, for which she has developed a reputation in the 6. A hedonistic and threatening party anthem, “Prayer” is a highlight from Tasha’s recent album Die Every Day, which recently earned a nomination for Rap Recording of the Year in the Juno Awards, where she rubbed elbows with Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau. Canada’s biggest music award show, the Juno Awards placed her alongside fellow nominees Drake, Tory Lanez, Belly, and Jazz Cartier and recognized Die Every Day as one of the five best Canadian rap albums of 2016.

NO WIN shares first track “Crooked Heart” for Dangerbird Series via Brooklyn Vegan

Today on Brooklyn Vegan, NO WIN shares “Crooked Heart” — his latest single which will be available tomorrow via Dangerbird Records (Silversun Pickups, Fitz and The Tantrums).

Beer soaked bloody nose broken heart…this is what LA’s NO WIN does best. The solo project of Musician/Producer/Engineer Danny Nogueiras, is rife with honesty, distortion and great f*#king songs! With a little help from his friends Max Keuhn (FIDLAR), Brandon Schwartzel (FIDLAR), Marshall Vore (Ryan Adams, Phoebe Bridgers), and David Jerkovich (Kind of Like Spitting). NO WIN’s two new singles “Crooked Heart” and “You’ll Be Fine” out March via Dangerbird keeps us up to speed with, and wanting more of NO WIN’s straight up, unapologetic brand of rock and roll. Just imagine if The Replacements got into a bar fight with Teenage Fanclub and somehow Superchunk ends up with the black eye…That’s NO WIN.

SUMMONER to Release New Album, ‘Beyond the Realm of Light’

Boston, MA hard rock foursome SUMMONER will release its new album, Beyond the Realm of Light, on May 12 via Magnetic Eye Records. Recorded at Q Division Studios (Pixies, Converge), produced by the band and mastered by Dave Shirk (Soilent Green, Pentagram), the LP fuses 70’s proto-metal, guitar rock and cosmic psych into a driving, six song testament to the power of the riff. Beyond the Realm of Light is the follow-up to SUMMONER’s 2013 full-length, Atlantian, hailed as, “heavy, psychedelic metal with a progressive edge.” Artwork for Beyond the Realm of Light was created by Samantha Muljat (Earth, Power Trip).

Timber Timbre Premiere “Grifting” Video Via The FADER

Montreal, QC-based trio Timber Timbre premiered their video for “Grifting” – off new album Sincerely, Future Pollution – today via The FADER, which wrote “The grave atmosphere is ideal for the track: Taylor Kirk’s voice ascends anxiously, like it’s walking up one of Escher’s staircases, going up and up before moving onto a different plain, urged on by the song’s steely, funky organ.”

Gothic Tropic Premieres “Your Soul”

Los Angeles’ Gothic Tropic introduces a new brand of female fronted, guitar-driven indie rock. Tuesday on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 show as a World First, Gothic Tropic premiered “Your Soul”. “Your Soul” is the fourth single off the upcoming album ‘Fast or Feast’ due May 19th on Old Flame Records.

The brainchild of Cecilia Della Peruti, Gothic Tropic keeps the vibe playful and punchy, bringing audiences into a new era of female rock nobility, nodding to stars like Debbie Harry, and Chrissie Hynde. Delivering a blend of Richard Lloyd and Nile Rodgers on guitar, Gothic Tropic’s Della Peruti has won sponsorships with Fender, and leading pedal manufacturers, and works professionally as a touring and session player for Charli XCX, BØRNS, and more.

Revival Records Artist Charlatan Stream ‘Remarkable’ LP

Revival Recordings recently signed artist, Utah based Scrap Metal band, Charlatan, are thrilled to release their debut album, Remarkable due out tomorrow. Ahead of tomorrow’s release, the band is unveiling their 10-track album which was produced and engineered by Dan Whittaker of High Vibe Recordings over at Metal Underground now! Off the forthcoming record, the band unleashed two singles “The Sick Nasty” via AntiHero Magazine and “China” via Already Heard.


Vancouver’s Rococode is Andrew Braun and Laura Smith, who infuse their hook-filled songs with lush synth textures and duet vocals, resulting in an infectious sound that Andrew calls, “a marriage of our contrasting personalities.” The Young Ones EP highlights this musical chemistry by fusing Braun’s exploratory tendencies with Smith’s razor-sharp pop sensibilities. Rococode will release the Young Ones EP on June 16 via Marquis Artists.

The EP’s rich synth palette and exotic aura is on full display in the lyric video for “Brutal”, which juxtaposes sublimely ascendening vocals with darkly buzzing synth bass and knotty rhythms. Laura’s airy tone floats over the heaviest track on the record, trying to cope with inner turmoil and stay grounded in the midst of chaotic times in the outside world.

Help Myself

Chicago artist/producer Knox Fortune has a debut project on the way and here’s the first track. Until now we’ve only gotten a glimpse of his voice on Chance The Rapper’s “All Night”, but hear him now on “Help Myself”, an excellently realized and infectious debut from the frequent Joey Purp collaborator; a track you might not expect from Knox upon looking at his resume. More info to come, track below, share if you love it.


Adding to the ever-growing storm of activity swirling around the career of teen sensation Madison McWilliams as she prepares to launch her latest original song, “At the End of the Tunnel,” Friday, April 21st, is news that fan favorite social media music platform,, has included Madison’s popular song “We’ve Got Today” in their “Next Wave” competition for their#NextWaveApril contest. A huge opportunity for the Austin native to add more followers to her expanding fan base, each month, selects only 15 emerging artists worldwide to participate. Each song is featured in the #NextWaveAprilsection of the online library and fan videos created to those songs are featured in the #NextWaveApril trending tag. (Just overnight, many top Musers have made videos to “We’ve Got Today,” with some reaching almost 200K likes!)

Early Clive Davis Protege – JANEY STREET

Blue Élan Records is thrilled to announce the new album from Nashville-based singer-songwriter, JANEY STREET. The album, In My Own Skin, continues the meteoric comeback for STREET and will be released on June 23, 2017, nearly one year to the day after the release of her award-winning debut, My Side of Paradise. “When Blue Elan signed me, they didn’t know if I could still sing or if I was a heroin addict!” Lucky for us all, STREET is healthy, writes great songs and can still sing her ass off!

With her new work, STREET aims to refine and direct the musical energy she poured into the first album. “After writing for other young artists, film and TV and mentoring new writers, my first Blue Elan record was like an explosion. All of a sudden I was back writing for myself and lovin’ it. It laid down a foundation and now with this new album, I think I’ve fallen even deeper into being an artist again, with something to say.” The new album, produced by Dave Darling, is available for pre-orders on April 28.

Jason Eady Shares Video for “Why I Left Atlanta” via The Bluegrass Situation

On April 21, Jason Eady returns with his first album in more than three years in partnership with Thirty Tigers. The self-titled release marks his sixth full-length effort and finds the Mississippi-bred singer/guitarist merging his distinct sensibilities into a stripped-down, roots-oriented sound that starkly showcases the gritty elegance of his songwriting.

Today, Eady shared the video for the album’s first single “Why I Left Atlanta” via The Bluegrass Situation.


Ryan Weber and Eric Osterman, who make up the duo Eric & Magill are excited to announce the release of “Tightrope,” available today on all major streaming services, and available for download on iTunes with the pre-order of their forthcoming fourth album, Peach Colored Oranges (out May 12). The two have a very special connection, that was fused by space, and being in different geographic locations and timezones.

“Tightrope” penned by Weber is a sharp reflection on the fleeting nature of the modern world. Weber went from living on the side of a mountain in a remote desert region of Kenya, while in the Peace Corp to a high rise Washington D.C. apartment. He went from relying on rainwater to drink, to all the luxuries on earth, and the high pressure of modern existence. The sharp contrast between these two environments left him feeling it could all go in a blink of an eye – or like he was walking on a “Tightrope.”

Front Country Featured on NPR’s All Things Considered

On Wednesday, April 5th, Front Country was featured on NPR’s All Things Considered just ahead of the release of their new album Other Love Songs, due out Friday, April 7th. Other Love Songs has been called the band’s “Roots Pop” opus. NPR’s Jewly Hight explains, “In the bluegrass world, musicians tend to define themselves by their relationships to tradition”, she goes further saying “while Front Country’s members are more than capable of using traditional techniques on their instruments, they often choose not to.” And that is precisely why NPR is saying that it is in fact a stretch to call Front Country a bluegrass band. “String-band pop is more like it”.

Jacob Schaffer Premieres Single, “Valley Road” via ATWOOD

Jacob Schaffer creates music in attempt to understand the human experience. Raised in today’s genre-fused soundscape, his production takes a modern approach in capturing a timeless soul infused dream-rock. Jacob Schaffer’s singer/songwriting roots expand as a vocal performance student of Bobby Mcferrin as well as a former apprentice of Quad Studios in New York City.

Insomniac Releases Official Trailer for Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas 2017

Today, Insomniac released the inspiring official trailer for this year’s 21st annual Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) in Las Vegas, with a powerful message proclaiming “All Are Welcome Here.” The beautiful six-minute video is a compelling look into the current state of affairs around the world, opening with a culmination of visuals that display our ever-changing, at times challenging, global climate. The trailer transports viewers on a heartfelt journey through the unspoken connectivity, hidden beauty, and purpose we find in the places that make us feel most at home. Once a year, over 400,000 individuals come together to celebrate positivity and inclusivity in a colorful sanctuary where they can express themselves freely, without judgment. Exploring North America’s largest dance music festival and the indescribable feeling it creates, the official trailer is an uplifting look into the spirit of EDC and the accepting community that coexists within it. Get lost in the captivating audiovisual experience that is the world-renowned gathering of EDC Las Vegas, here.

GRMLN shares new track “Red” via Self-Titled

GRMLN is the musical project of 24-year-old, Yoodoo Park. He was born in Kyoto, Japan and moved to southern California at a young age (though he currently resides in Japan). Yoodoo started playing music at the age of 13 when he was given a bass guitar and has been playing music ever since.

The Sextones Release 3rd Single, “Drunk Off Your Love”

From the high deserts of Nevada, The Sextones emerge with their debut album, Moonlight Vision, due out April 7th. Moonlight Vision is a diligently crafted work showcasing their distinctive brand of soul music with smoked out guitar riffs, growling bass lines, commanding drums, sticky organ comping and honest, but catchy vocal acrobatics. The release of Moonlight Vision is the first step forward for a group that has already accomplished what most musicians spend a lifetime trying to achieve –touring across the nation and sharing stages with the likes of Macy Gray, Ziggy Marley, and Ivan Neville’s Dumpstaphunk, as well as working with renowned funkologist Alan Evans of Soulive. The mighty band is formed from acclaimed west coast musicians, Mark Sexton (guitar/vocals), Alexander Korostinsky (bass), Daniel Weiss (drums), and Ryan Taylor (keys.)