Stuart Hollinger Says Music Is A Language That Keeps Us Balanced And Takes Us Places

Stuart Hollinger is a guitarist, vocalist, and composer, says that “music is the universal language. It helps us keep in balance, yet it takes us to high places.” That said, he is currently in the studio, hard at work recording for his next album. This being a follow-up to his previous works “Endangered Species”. He goes onto say, that there is more music and fun to come.

NP: What made you realize that music was your path?

I realized at an early age that I had been given this talent. It wasn’t until much later in life with the blessings of my life partner who supports me 1,000% was I able to start down the music trail.

NP: What makes your music unique?

Being raised in the Hawaiian Islands has me exposed to a wide variety of musical genres. My music infuses and blends together different beats and melodies worldwide into each individual song. This gives it, it’s own unique sound.

NP: Has there been one particular moment in your musical career that you’re most proud of?

There really isn’t one particular moment in my musical career that I was most proud of. It’s a continuing series of peaks and valleys that never stop. Hahaha. Staying even kneeled is key.

NP: You say that your tatau or tattoos, are your family, how would you say that these symbols across yourself, are indeed your family, what do they mean to you, and what should others know about them?

The Tatau on my body is how I honor and respect the ancestors of my Polynesian culture. Everyone has their own story to tell. This is my story. I pay homage to the ancient as well as the present. The symbols on my body represent my wife , children, grand children and family , whether human or anything in Nature.

NP: Can you recall, which of your tatau was your first, and which one was your last most recent?

My first Tatau had a hidden meaning or what is called kauna. Not everyone was meant to understand. hahaha My last Tatau revere my Hana’i Fijian father and mother.

NP: What does the half circle necklace, you wear around your neck, represent and mean to you?

The necklace I wear around my neck represent leadership and the responsibility that comes with it. It was given to me as a gift.

NP: How about the guitar, what type of guitar is the one your showcasing in your photographs. Do you still own it and is there another guitar out there that you would love to own?

The guitar I’m showcasing is a “Cargo” guitar made in Aotearoa (New Zealand) , a part of the Polynesian Triangle. It’s a carbon fiber guitar and I’m quite satisfied with it.

NP: It’s been two years since your last album “Endangered Species” was released, do you have any new music in the works?

It’s actually been 1 1/2 years since my last album release. I do have a number of new material ready to go and I am currently in the studio recording my next album.

NP: What would you say are the differences between “Endangered Species” and “Dangerous Crossing”?

There is definitely musical growth for me as a singer , and song writer and arranger if one is looking for differences in “Dangerous Crossing” and “Endangered Species”. Each album was conceived with a specific idea to accomplish and I am quite happy with the outcome!

NP: Does your namesake Stuart Hollinger, have a meaning to it, or was the name just given because of just that, it is a name.

Stuart Hollinger is, and embodies the person on a mission.

NP: What’s next for you?

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