John Hickman – ‘Hello Hello’

Delivered with true panache is the celebratory spirit of John Hickman’s “Hello Hello”. Giddy to its very core the lyricism is profound, focusing on the idea of true affection for the world. Led by exquisite piano work and passionate vocals, the song glides by in a blissful rush. Rhythms add to the overall sense of power the piece possesses, as the way that the song unfolds gives it a warm intimate feeling. Quite gigantic in scope, the song’s many layers come together in beautiful gorgeous ways. Little details make a big difference, from the chorus that weaves in and out of the mix to the intricate guitar gestures. The melodies shine all the way through as various other instruments further emphasize the undeniable strength of the message of reassurance that no one is alone.

Wasting no time at all John Hickman dives deep into the thick of it. His vocals ring loud and true. Full of optimism the way that the song grow after larger the piece has a classic 70s singer-songwriter style to it. The piece comes into full bloom with each additional detail, such as the synthesizer whose sweeping sound further emphasizes the undeniable joy that possesses the song. Towards the latter half of the piece truly soars growing ever more epic and grand before it simply fades away in a lush swirl of sound.

“Hello Hello” shows off the impeccable chops of John Hickman as he perfects the art of pop.

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