Elsewhere Video Release “Don’t You Believe Me Baby” (The Police Official Cover)

The amount of music out there today can feel overwhelming but Boston-based progressive leaning/power pop trio Elsewhere are one of a kind. The band combines the energy and raw angst of punk with the ambition and creativity of progressive rock. Influenced by a wide array of bands like Rush, Duran Duran and the Sex Pistols, Elsewhere have developed a smooth, electric and groove-oriented sound that transcends the wavering music trends of the day.


As a special pre-release offering set to be featured on the band’s highly anticipated upcoming EP, Multi-Man, Elsewhere is proud to release a new lyric video for their powerful cover of The Police’s long-lost song, “Don’t You Believe Me Baby.” Originally recorded as a demo in 1981, the song was rejected from the Ghost In The Machine album, never receiving a proper release. However its since resurfaced on YouTube and has captivated fans who’ve been debating whether or not it was the right move to leave it off.

Elsewhere are big believers in the song… “In our humble opinion, and the opinion of many who have viewed the demo on YouTube, this song should have made the record. Some have said that this song was in fact the original prototype to the classic romantic single ‘Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic’, but clearly the subject matter of the song makes this an “anti-ballad.”

Sting is currently on tour promoting his new album 57th & 9th and is headlining smaller venues, much like The Police did as they were breaking in the U.S. and Europe. In honor of the release, and the 40th anniversary of the founding of The Police, Elsewhere are resurrecting “Don’t You Believe Me Baby” (with some minor lyric changes to accommodate the 21 century), to breathe renewed life into it and ask Elsewhere and The Police fans alike, “What if?”.