Jet Black Pearl – ‘Flop’ EP

With a childlike sense of wonder is the fantastic surrealism of Jet Black Pearl’s “Flop”. Playful arrangements adorn the tender tracks. Over the course of the collection the pieces appear to nearly drift into the air for they are so light. Layer upon layer are intermingled in such deft ways. Attention to detail means that Jet Black Pearls opts for a wide variety of instruments adding to the already colorful sound. The styles vary significantly, from a dream pop to an off-kilter form of jazz. Vocals add to the attitude of the collection further emphasizing the unique soundscapes.

Setting the tone for the collection is the beatboxing of “Lover Of My Life”. Neatly paired with an accordion the song’s spirited performance is nearly giddy in nature. On “Coma” things are stripped down to a quieter atmosphere, almost eerie at times. Little sounds hint at darker themes, the ones which embrace their surroundings. By far the highlight of the album is the lovely melody of “Cumulonimbus Me” where everything comes together in an ornate arrangement. A physicality defines the elegant oddity of the title track “Flop”. Choosing for a celebratory dance like-approach is the multi-faceted “Lips”. Ending the collection off on a swirling note is the passionate “Waltzheimer”. With a great deal of flourishes “Waltzheimer” aptly captures all the unusual activity that came before it.

Unlike anything else out there, Jet Black Pearl creates a weird little universe with the small soothing sounds of “Flop”.

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