Gina Roode – “Half-A-Hallelujah”

Gina Roode sings a song of triumph and celebration on the jubilant “Half-A-Hallelujah”. Carried by her strong powerful voice the piece is pure pop perfection. The attention to detail is profound for Gina Roode lets the multiple layers of sound interact with the greatest of ease. Stylistically Gina Roode covers a wide range from folk to country to gospel with a hint of the blues. By choosing such a wide swath of approaches the song results in something that constantly twists and turns revealing a true ear for melody. From the smallest ring of the guitar to the largest sweep of sound, it is the careful buildup that occurs over the duration of the piece that is truly beautiful.

Tender tones introduce the piece. Quickly a steady beat comes into the fray helping to drive the song along. With this singular beat the song begins to gradually unfold. Little details flow into the mix, from the subtle work of the bass to the nimble acoustic guitar that graces the gleaming surface of the piece. Delving further into its folk spirit the guitar work becomes increasingly more ornate and the drums rising ever larger. When the rest of the choir enters in the song truly rises in spirit becoming a fully communal affair. For the final moments of the song the entire thing bursts forth in brilliant color.

“Half-A-Hallelujah” shows off Gina Roode’s uncanny ability to create a warm welcoming piece, one with lyrics that truly inspire.

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