Lee Williams – “Never Give Up!”

“Never Give Up!” shows off Lee Williams’ mastery of the classic rock sound. Delivered with true heart and grit, the song is a true stunner. Full of optimism the song emphasizes moving forward in life through all the suffering that a journey can bring. Lyrics have a poetic quality to them, as Lee Williams lets the words emphasize exactly how to put the terrible past in the past to truly succeed. Anchoring all of this is a tight guitar riff and driving rhythm bringing everything together. The rawness of the sound works to its ultimate advantage, helping to further cement the retro sound that Lee Williams employs over the course of the piece from the unfiltered guitar tones to the hard-hitting drums.

Wasting no time at all Lee Williams dives into the thick of it. The guitar blazes through with true passion. Chops are impressive as Lee Williams lets the guitar truly sing. Little solos ebb and flow into the mix. His voice takes center stage with a sense of reassurance, like wisdom being imparted from someone who has seen it all. By balancing this with the tight arrangement the song truly shines. Downright catchy, the riffs are infinitely memorable for Lee Williams knows exactly how much to give, where to include the punch of the track, to let it have a huge emotional impact.


Lee Williams delivers a long-lost rock n’ roll sound with the bluesy style of “Never Give Up!”.


By – beachsloth.com