Connor Byers “Like Oh” Video

For many artists, 15 years old is about the time that they start taking their first steps towards their dreams of being in the spotlight. If you’re Connor Byers, however, you’re already well on your way at the age of 15. His first EP was the four song LOCKED, which quickly built up a legion of loyal fans (150k Twitter followers) eagerly awaiting Connor’s next move.

That came in the form of Ready To Go, a mixed genre offering that incorporates elements of rock, rap, and pop. Though only a year apart, the growth shown from LOCKED to Ready To Go is indicative of a young man really hitting his stride. No surprise, really, considering that fans are literally seeing Connor pass through his formative years before their very eyes. That standout track that ties his wide variety of influences has to be the infectious jam “Like Oh.”

With a melodic core and backbeat to build on, his cadence is on point as he runs through a geography lesson of global cities, with the entire package coated in shiny pop production. It’s this kind of crossover appeal that aspiring artists of all walks aspire to find, and one that Connor has been exuding since he first brought down the house at his 6th grade talent show with his cover of “When I Was Your Man” by Bruno Mars. (Did we mention that scored over 50,000 YouTube views?)