4 Maintenance Ideas to Upgrade Your Local Music Hall

Your local music hall is a perfect location to congregate for school functions or neighborhood gatherings. These properties tend to have large structures with ample space for chairs, stages and dance floors. Because of their popularity and age, your favorite music halls may be declining in quality. To spruce up the property, consider these maintenance ideas as you upgrade the local music hall.

Raise Funds for Music Equipment
A music hall can’t be useful if the equipment is aging. Hold a fundraiser so that you can earn money for those new microphones, instruments and speakers. With technology enhancing nearly every facet of sound, new equipment is almost always needed. Baked goods and yard sales tend to bring in a lot of potential customers. When people see a need for the musical equipment, they may donate money just out of a caring attitude. Show your hall off through online avenues, such as social media, to get the word out to the public.

Insulate the Walls
Some music halls are located close to neighboring buildings. Loud music may frustrate those neighbors while turning down the tunes only lessens the fun for fans. Consider an insulation project for the hall. The walls don’t have to be entirely soundproof, but some padding will reduce the ambient noise to the exterior. Try to focus on stage areas and back walls where reverberation occurs. You and your neighbors will be happier with the sound levels afterward.

Repair the Rain Gutters
A smart way to upgrade your local music hall is maintaining the structure at the gutter level. Your rain gutters, like those available from Allstate Gutter & Siding, funnel all of the rainwater away from the hall so that the foundation and surrounding landscaping can remain intact. Repairs usually include cleaning, adjustments and repairing any cracks or breaks. You’ll notice that the music sounds clearer when the rain doesn’t drip at random points off of the roof.

Service the Air Conditioning
In contrast, those hot and dry days will be uncomfortable in the hall without air conditioning. Call for service professionals several times a year, especially before springtime arrives. Fixing minor issues right now will only reduce the strain on the system. The refrigerant can be recharged, which will keep the entire hall cool from top to bottom during those long festivals.

Keep up with minor repairs as your music hall ages. Wash the windows, shampoo the carpets and repair musical equipment before any major breakdowns occur. Covering the minor issues will help you focus on major improvements as the years go by.