Brooke Moriber New Single “Up All Night”

Singer/songwriter, rocker, and Broadway sensation Brooke Moriber is turning up the heat with her first release of 2017! Having just performed at “Former Broadway Kids, All Grown Up!” event in New York City sharing songs and stories while reliving her days on the Broadway stage, she’ll be releasing her dreamy new single and video for “Up All Night” on Tuesday, February 14th!

The synth-pop stylings coupled with Moriber’s angelic yet incredibly commanding voice in “Up All Night” combine a great mixture of dynamic songwriting that is both powerfully compelling and alluringly ambient. In it, Brooke sings “I confess, I’m a mess, wide awake at 4AM, too late to call I stare at the wall // Everything that you said running laps around my head, drinkin’ alone I stare at the phone” continuing “Show me where this is going, I’m overflowing, there’s no turning back right now // Take me, don’t care if you break me, it’s driving me crazy, there’s no turning back right now” with a breathy tone that invokes the true tension in the struggle for passion. This comes to a ferocious climax in both tone and meaning during the refrain as she continues “There’s a battle in my head, tearin’ up my bed, you keep my up all night // Got me aching for your touch, shaking from the rush, you keep me up all night” portraying the true inner struggle that comes with desire. And as many can certainly agree, it may be these feelings of longing that bring them to relate with such a tenacious tune this Valentine’s Day.