Tony Levitas & the Levitations – “Feel Good Now”

With a true sense of the blues, Tony Levita’s sound has a rambunctious timeless quality to them. Opting for such a classic approach works wonders for the songs as the way they unfold is quite compelling. The heart and soul of the approach comes from Tony Levitas’ stylish vocals alongside the insightful lyricism that permeates every song. Elements of jazz, blues, indie rock, and country come together into a perfect whole. Songs play off each other resulting in a beautiful swirl of colors. Balance helps to keep the songs steady as they each take their time in offering snapshots of a life lived most fully.

A rollicking spirit defines the giddy energy of “You Don’t Know How Much You Mean To Me”. Urgently delivered Tony Levitas lets the song truly rush by with a sense of joy. Reflective in tone is the laid-back atmosphere of “My Fortune Teller” whose slight funk has an infectious poppy quality to it. Hushed awe graces the cinematic scope of the airy “The Only One” where the guitar soar into the sky. “Bless My Soul” recalls the intricate arrangements of Jim O’Rourke, as the song’s rich tapestry gives it true tenderness. Classic rock influences permeate the stylish nature of “Your Eyes”. Rather intricate “June 17th” presents a scene of honestly and earnest memories with its touching poetic lyricism.

Delivered with true hope and optimism, Tony Levitas’ songs ring true with messages that linger long after they are over.

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