Amery Rey Tuesta – ‘Latinoameryca’

Fiery passionate reigns supreme on Amery Rey Tuesta’s “Latinoameryca”. Tapping into classic rock’s strong and steady roots, the songs are absolute blasts of sound. Stylistically Amery Rey Tuesta goes for a full-on sound, one that represents the power of community. Over the course of the album they bring together a wide variety of flourishes into the mix from the fanfare of horns to the impeccable guitar work to the shouted to the heavens sounds of the vocals. Attention to detail is of the utmost importance for the sound simply soars. Little twists and turns of the sound lead it into dazzling displays.

“Gritare” introduces the album with great power. On “Destruccion” Amery Rey Tuesta pull out all conceivable stops. Barreling forward with true spirit the lyrics are delivered with the utmost of care. Stripping things down a bit is the introspective work of “Le Llamo Pachamama”. Throughout this piece the song takes a lighter touch letting every layer of sound interact in brilliant beautiful ways. Electro pop touches are added into the mix on the busy arrangement of “Sorry”. Elements of jazz float into the mix on the spacious sounds of “Let’s Love”. Keyboards work wonders adding to the song’s deft touch. Bringing the album to a close is the highlight of “Blue Sky”. On this piece, easily the best piece on the album, everything from the rest of the album comes together into a cohesive whole.

Amery Rey Tuesta delivers a sound with a sense of urgency on the glorious triumphant rush of “Latinoameryca”.

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