Astrid Gnosis “Troll”

Visual and sound artist Astrid Gnosis explores social and emotional collapse through her work — a heady mix of abstract textures, fractured beats, cinematic atmospherics, twisted melodies and off-the-wall vocals.

Now living and working in London, Astrid began writing music when she was just 13 years old. She’s crafted sonic installations for exhibitions and art performances, alone and collaborating with other artists. She’s made the soundtracks and sound design for a number of short films, the most recent of which will be shown at the London Short Film Festival 2017.

“Music alone is a vessel, it diplomatically drives consciousness into reflection. Words seemed to limit this journey” she continues “but increasingly I felt the urge to narrow my language, and incorporate more violence into music”, she says, “because for me it is vital to speak of the anger and hopes of my generation, and it is now we’re most angry.”