How to Produce and Market Your New Hit Song Correctly

Creating a song and hearing it on the radio used to involve complex dealings with music producers and labels. In today’s connected world, almost anyone can have that next great hit. Producing and marketing a hit song correctly in the Internet age requires a mixture of new concepts and traditional practices as you make a name for yourself in the industry.

Create a Following
Use your social-media following to your benefit by advertising the music online. Create a website, link to it and discuss the song on your social-media posts. Followers will love to discover an artist that they already follow, and they might share your song with others. The Internet can grow a song into a trend that might last for months.

Meet Up With Like-Minded Individuals
Releasing a song sounds simple with today’s technology, but it can quickly be lost in the shuffle. Before you offer any music to the world, market yourself to industry professionals. Make friends with event organizers who specialize in your musical niche. Meet up with local DJs and radio-station personnel too. All of these professionals can make your music heard above the masses when they understand you and the passion for the work.

Learn About the Legal Side
Every business has legal ramifications, and the music industry is no exception. Become familiar with songwriting copyright laws by reading up on the details. If you don’t want to accidentally plagiarize an artist, you should learn how to copyright a song and protect your own material from copyright infringement. By protecting every song that you create, you can stop any copyrighting issues before they get out of hand. Meeting with a lawyer in this niche industry might be a smart choice too.

Get Out and Play
With so many musicians concentrating on social media and other platforms, performing the hit song has been pushed aside. The traditional act of playing a gig is still a viable way to be heard. Whether you’re paid or not, accept gigs that are in restaurants, clubs and other small venues. You never know who might show up to listen. A break in the music business can happen when you perform the material on a constant basis.

Becoming a spokesperson for your genre of music is the ultimate goal for musicians because this strategy opens up opportunities throughout the industry and beyond. Continue to perfect your art while focusing on the business side too. You’ll be able to release that hit song to major fanfare in no time.