Declan McKenna Video For New Track “The Kids Don’t Wanna Come Home”

Declan McKenna has unveiled the video for his new song, “The Kids Don’t Wanna Come Home.” The video was directed by Bunny Kinney and filmed in Barnet, North London. It features a range of teenagers who are all engaged, motivated and active in trying to make a difference for their collective futures. While the teenagers have smart phones and social media apps, they are also alert, responsive and interact with the world around them. The video is interspersed with old stock footage of teenagers from past generations, equally as motivated to campaign and act for a better future. It’s a timely and inspiring watch.

Says Declan, “The video is about highlighting the genuine concerns of young people, and so in that light, it’s not all about convicting acting performances, but merely letting them talk. It’s something the human race has shied away from doing to its young people throughout history.”