Natalie Jean – “Red Room” – The Remix

Positively giddy with energy is the EDM remix of Natalie Jean’s “Red Room”. The remix keeps Natalie Jean’s sultry vocals intact. With every additional layer the sound grows ever more mysterious. Lyrics allude to this cryptic quality. Over the course of the song the sound grows in scope. Building up the entirety of the sound works wonders as it develops into a fantastic rush, one where tempo and pitch is toyed with to dazzling effect. Such a freestyle works to the song’s benefit as it adds to the crazed, hyperactive arrangement of the piece.

Subtly pitched vocals bounce to the banging beat. From there the song moves in a frenzied rush. The synthesizers intersect in a wide variety of ways. Melodies glisten above helping to center the song. Vocals add to the song’s sense of spirit that defines it. Lyrics focus on the oftentimes chaotic atmosphere that can appear in the best of clubs. Over the course of the song the piece strips away all the excess to get to the absolute heart of the groove. Distortion reigns supreme over the piece as the elastic groove knows no bounds. Rather, by embracing a carpe diem approach the song emphasizes the good and bad that can come from a singular moment. Quite exquisite in scope the song ends in a glorious rush of color.

Downright addictive with its catchy hooks, Natalie Jean’s “Red Room – The Remix” offers a perfect picture of what EDM can do.

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