The Canadian Electronic/Pop sensation known as Lina Fouro (L4O) has released her New Dance Crossover Single “Bang Bang Baby” to Rave Critical Music Reviews and Fan Reviews. “Bang Bang Baby” is a sensational romantic dance track which portrays Lina’s sensual and powerful melodic vocals over the groovy instruments which empowers this track to nothing short than amazing.

EDM Nations writer put it this way “With no doubt, those incredible vocals are the highlight of the track, but being mixed with the powerful groove, housy vibes, pounding rhythm and catchy beats, this tune delivers a sensational piece of dance music.” The electronic overtones, fused with Lina’s unique and alluring singing along with the rhythmic timing of the synths and ear catching chorus, makes “Bang Bang Baby” fitting for night drives through the city, hanging with your friends, or simply laid back with your iPod.

Lina’s Bang Bang Baby will make fans long for more of this irresistible candy coated love Dance Tune. Buddy Nelson of Jamsphere Magazine stated “There are some voices that just grab hold of you the moment you first hear them. Lina’s breathy and sexy delivery easily falls into that category – it light, its silky, it’s smooth, and sharp enough to cut like a razor blade. The result is irresistible crossover Pop-EDM, and a killer hook, perfectly produced.”