As a Nigerian-born artist living in Japan, Dobolo knows firsthand that music no boundaries and the best of it travels across continents and oceans. According to Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs, there are 2,638 Nigerians living in Japan. Although the numbers may be modest, the impact is significant. Dobolo is one of those artists introducing new styles and genres of music into the Japanese culture. His new single, “About To Blow,” is a stellar reggae/island inspired number that showcases an artist with a big sound and even bigger dreams!

By day, Dobolo works in a factory in Japan and lives a proudly modest life, but in his own words he “thinks like a billionaire and I desire to be the greatest musical act in the world.” Is he ambitious and full of lofty goals? You bet he is, but he also knows that it’s not enough to just talk the talk, he must also walk the walk. The first step is putting together an undeniably spectacular music video, and Dobolo has delivered in a very big way!

“About To Blow”, directed by Jeremy Rubier (a Canadian filmmaker living in Japan,) is a high-energy day and night on the streets of Tokyo with Dobolo and his crew. Serenading the camera with an infectious, playful energy, Dobolo is the leader of this party crew. An interesting dynamic develops in the video. The landscape is definitive Japan, from the signs to the architecture and foliage, but Dobolo invokes many cultures in the process. They ride through the streets in a caravan of classic American low riders, and the crew is multi-ethnic, representing all walks of life. It’s a fine clip that ratchets up the recognition of Dobolo, and not a moment too soon for this deserving artist!