turn turQuoise – ‘StormBrides’

Sounding akin to a modern take on Nico’s regal performance, turn turnQuoise’s “StormBrides” is an elegant timeless collection. Over the course of the album turn turQuoise brings together elements of folk, classical, and pop together anchored by a loose jazzy structure. The beating heart of the album are the passionate vocals of VEra Joppig. Nearly poetic with its poignant observations of life, the way that the songs together give the album a sense of true purpose. Narratives are unfurled over the course of the album, presenting small glimpses of how to fully embrace the world. Her work is a solid addition to the already impressive singer-songwriter tradition.

“one ordinary day” sets the tone for the album. Light brushes introduce the song as the lyrics describe a sense of joy and the death of said joy. Spry on its feet is the careful work of “cloves & mangoes”. By far the highlight of the album is the sly work of “stormbrides”. Light on its feet the way it gradually evolves makes it teem with life. Nearly lounging in nature is the laid-back “sphere of hope”. Quite grand in tone is the stately melody of “pain revisited”. Energetic in scope and soothing is the luxurious sprawl of “window to the window (TV song)”. Nearly bossa nova inflected is the reflective “slowest way to die”. “where do they go?” strips the sound down to the absolute essentials as the piano meshes perfectly with VEra Joppig’s strong steady voice.

turn turQuoise deliver an unforgettable performance on the infinitely stylish work of “StormBrides”.


By – beachsloth.com