JahkR – ‘Catharsis’

JahkR’s “Catharsis” is EDM at its absolute best. With a cinematic scope the beats positively slam. Everything feels large scale from the epic grandeur of the grooves to the giddy melodies that adorn each piece. The amount of energy that the album provides is downright delectable. By opting for such an approach JahkR provides a full-on sound that has the energy level of a rave. Layer upon layer of sound swirl together to create vast fields of sound to swim through. Constantly in flux JahkR brings the sound higher and higher until it begins all-encompassing.

Positively massive in tone and texture is the nature-like force of “JahkR Music” whose power is quite potent. Glistening melodies intermingle on the labyrinth spirit of “Anxiety of Life”. Nearly heavenly is the blissful atmospherics of “My Inspiration” whose piano gives the song a true sense of purpose. The nimble dexterity of “Beast Guitar” works wonders as the blasts of bass bounce off the walls. By the time the guitar enters the mix it feels like an absolute rush. Referencing 80s house is the electro-tinge of “The Journey”. Dramatic flourishes surround the wordless choir of “Future of Doom”. Handclaps punctuate the hyperactivity of “Winter’s Paradise”. Bouncing to its very core is the inspired “Sunshine and Freedom”. On “Wishing You Was Here” closes the album off on a high note, as it references everything in the album in a succinct way.

Aptly named, JahkR’s “Catharsis” is the sound of what it feels to live life to the absolute fullest.

Websites: @JahkRMusic

By: beachsloth.com