If you love your music, you may well be one of those people who just have to listen to their favorite sounds, no matter where you happen to be.

The great thing about cars like the Dodge Dart is that they are loaded with tech features, which allow you to be able to connect your devices so that you can continue listening to your favorite tunes in the car.

If you want to be able to listen to your choice of music wherever you are, here is a look at how to get connected and enjoy the best out services like Pandora and Spotify.

Music on the move

If you want to listen to your tunes via Pandora in the car, you should be able to get connected, as many models are now equipped with the integrated app.

You might have a car that either has the integrated app, which means that you have control over your music via voice or steering wheel controls, or it might be that you can set up your Pandora via a number of suitable aftermarket stereos.

It might also be that if you have an aux or Bluetooth connection, you might be able to connect your mobile device that way, but be mindful of using your mobile device in this way, only where applicable laws allow you to do so.

Apple users on Spotify

If you use Apple CarPlay, this gives you the ability to listen to your Spotify tunes while you are behind the wheel.

This in-car connectivity service has helped to address some of the biggest issues associated with in-car infotainment, which is that rather than relying on out of date maps and data that might have come pre-loaded with your vehicle, you can use your iPhone to keep everything current.

The good point about the CarPlay app is that alongside gaining access to your favorite tunes, you also get predicted travel info to help you navigate around problems ahead, plus there is work underway to allow you to be able to use Siri to control CarPlay apps, which would be good for hands-free safety.

Even if you already have key smartphone functions like voice calls integrated in your car, Apple CarPlay offers maximum connectivity options, which includes easy access to your streaming music services.

Listening to the radio

If you also enjoy listening to the radio while on the move but want the option of choosing your own station, you could use the SiriusXM app to do this.

Downloading the app means that if you want sports commentary, comedy shows or music radio, these can all be accessed via your smartphone.

The choice of options to listen to what you want is now greater than ever before, so if you are a subscriber to Pandora, Spotify or any other sort of streaming service, there is no reason why you can’t fill your head with whatever sounds you choose, while you are behind the wheel, or anywhere else for that matter.

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