The WORKHORSE III Exclusive Stream: “Holy Roller”

Philadelphia trio The WORKHORSE III have teamed with New Noise Magazine for the exclusive stream of “Holy Roller,” a song from forthcoming album Closer to Relevance.

Song Premiere: The Workhorse III – “Holy Roller”

Siya – “Nights B4 You”

As the temperature outside drops, so do inhibitions. Tapping into her softer side, Brooklyn rapper Siya lets down her guard for her latest single “Nights B4 You” is a late night confessional that finds the Bed-Stuy native in her feelings. In the run up to her upcoming debut album SIYAvsSIYA, releasing December 9th, the star of Oxygen’s Sisterhood of Hip Hop has been showing that she is capable of more than bullying tracks into submission and this latest release is a prime example of her versatility. Driven by a creeping piano motif and shuffling drum-line, “Nights B4 You” explores a broken relationship, with Siya rapping about how all the nights either before or with her ex-lover don’t matter anymore. The third single off of SIYAvsSIYA, “Nights B4 You” follows up the somber “I Know I Know” and the more sinister “My Sons,” premiered by Mass Appeal.


Yunel Presents his long awaited single, “Sin Miedo”. “Sin Miedo” is filled with urban music rhythms and is laced with Latin sounds. The song is a unique collaboration between reggaeton artist J. Alvarez and R&B singer Ne-Yo who make this a smash single for both the Latin and American audiences. Together, Yunel, J.Alvarez and Ne-Yo were all a part of the music video under the direction of director Danny Hastings in Los Angeles. The official video is currently available on Vevo.

Collapsing Scenery Shares Track

Collapsing Scenery have premiered their new single “The Cat Looks At The King” via Milk. You can listen to it here. The track features Good Joon from Los Angeles hip hop collective Overdoz + Buddy and will be released digitally and on 7″ vinyl on January 13th.

Chasms Share “Beyond Flesh” video with Noisey

“Their sound swoops between bright and dark in the space of a looped note, trading angelic voice for gnawing noise and back again. The vocal harmonies’ unbearable lightness melts into harsher electronic snaps and droning dirges; it’s not quite doom, certainly not shoegaze, far from industrial, lightyears away from pop, and yet it’s simultaneously all and none of them combined.” – Noisey

Noah Cyrus’ Debut Track “Make Me (Cry)”

Noah Cyrus recently unveiled her debut song “Make Me (Cry)” featuring Labrinth, and immediately it became the #1 shared song in the world on Spotify and climbed to #1 on Spotify’s Global Viral Chart. The track also charted in the Top 10 in 15 countries on Spotify’s Viral charts, including the U.S., UK, Australia, France, Mexico, Canada, etc.

Additionally, the emotional accompanying video is nearing 10 Million views in just one week. The Sophie Muller-directed clip depicts the song’s duet structure, with Cyrus and Labrinth acting out parallel narratives, longing for their partner’s affection.

Mabel Greer’s Toyshop To Release New Single From Forthcoming Album

Pre-YES music legends Mabel Greer’s Toyshop has found a novel way of releasing new musical works. The band will release one track per month for eight months starting today. The songs will be initially available as downloads and buying all eight songs will qualify for a free CD and booklet at the end.

Since founding members Clive Bayley and Bob Hagger reunited, the band have written and produced this second album inside 2 years. The first offering “New Way Of Life” was co-produced by the bass player of YES, Billy Sherwood, who also featured on the album playing bass and keyboards. Tony Kaye, original organist for Mabel Greer and for YES, also played on “New Way Of Life”.

“No need to wait another year for fresh new Mabel Greer sounds, we would like our audience to slowly savor the songs one at a time, rather than trying to digest the whole album in one sitting”, said composer, singer and guitarist, Clive Bayley. “This new offering called ‘The Secret’ is comprised of all exciting new material, the prior album included songs written in the sixties”, added Bob Hagger.

“Down” By Swedish artist TO.

“Down” is a downtempo, hypnotic lullaby, where TO.’s dark vocals are brought to the forefront. The soft tinkle of keyboard keys coexist with crashing percussion, exemplifying the deep mythos of TO.’s multilayered identity as an artist. Her creative work’s strength comes from subdued intrigue, and “Down” delivers that sound through a slick soundscape evocative of dark, futuristic cities of dreams.

Jalen Santoy “Foreplay”

The North Carolina MC is back with a brand new video for his single “Foreplay”

Jalen Santoy is a rapper representing Charlotte, North Carolina. As he celebrates the release of his new EP Charlie Eastern, recently released on November 18, his breakout single “Foreplay” has been working in his favor as a great introduction to the newcomer’s talent. Since it’s release, the single has continued to gain buzz through Spotify and SoundCloud.


Exceptional young songwriter, producer & multi-instrumentalist Alex L’Estrange has today announced his new single Nothing To Hide, a gritty mystery of a track lifted from his debut EP, Auchenflower, both set for release on December 16. Following several vibrant singles which have gained the attention from a bunch of large tastemaker blogs including DIY (UK) and Hilly Dilly (US), L’Estrange’s debut EP Auchenflower is a clear, confident collection of songs, named for the sleepy Brisbane suburb in which they were written. L’Estrange has just finished traveling around the country supporting Holy Holy on their Darwinism national tour and will launch his EP with a hometown show at Black Bear Lodge’s Last Party Before Lockout on January 28.

Essie ‘Electric Wires’

ESSIE is the new dreamy indie/pop solo project from Melbourne based singer/songwriter, Jess Holt. A strong pop sensibility infused with lush, sultry vocals, oodles of shimmering melodic hooks, playful synths and hints of 80’s nostalgia will lure you into a deep ocean of indie-pop soundscape.

The debut track ‘Electric Wires’, reflects on Jess’ frequent travels and desire to always be on the move experiencing new environments and her fascination with meeting new people. It’s about the people you meet on the journey that make you see the world in a different way and keep things new and exciting. Crafted with London-based producer Dan Villalobos, the track is drenched with subtle, spacey electronics, moody synths and layers of luscious ethereal vocals. Elements of sparkly glockenspiel and marimba breathe light into the song and highlight Jess’ enchanting lyrical storytelling.

BALFOR released “Serpents Of The Black Sun” Music Video

Ukrainian Black Metal horde BALFOR, have released music video for “Serpents Of The Black Sun”. Track taken from the band’s upcoming 3rd album entitled “Black Serpent Rising”, to be released on January 15th worldwide via Drakkar Productions.

Video was produced by the Utgard Production and directed by Anders Matt Kochin.

Tethra band signing for Sliptrick Records

Blending gloomy Doom Metal, raging Death Metal and melodic early 90’s Gothic Metal tinged vocals, Tethra will be the last nail on your cross!

Death-oriented guitar riffs, melodic hooks, subtle bass lines mix with charismatic vocals courtesy of the versatile frontman Clode, who switches from deep growling to pristine-clean vocals with ease.

TETHRA’s upcoming full-length “Like Crows for the Earth” (to be released in 2017 via Sliptrick Records) reveals how much the band has evolved sonically. Elements such as acoustic breaks, striking solos and Doom-influenced melodies are perfect examples, topped off by Clode’s unmistakable tone (who’s signature screams and middle/high range vocals take us back to the early stages of his musical career).

Currtis McMurtry’s ‘The Hornet’s Nest’ coming Feb. 24th

From the first song on The Hornet’s Nest, it becomes obvious that Austin singer-songwriter Curtis McMurtry is mining a creative vein no one else has tapped. Using a chamber ensemble of banjo, cello, upright bass and muted trumpet, he’s crafted an album full of distinctive melodies and lyrics depicting richly drawn, sometimes delightfully malevolent characters. As he threads their lives through these songs, McMurtry subtly connects them together, like a play staged in 13 elegant vignettes. But on this album, releasing February 24, 2017, McMurtry doesn’t simply observe human emotions and behavior; he plumbs motivations as well.

The album’s theatrical feel is enhanced by the intricate vocal ballet McMurtry shares with his duet partner and cellist, Diana Burgess, of Austin orchestral-pop band Mother Falcon. One can easily visualize them dancing a tango — in a boxing ring — as they vocally spar on “Wrong Inflection.” Spurred on by Nathan Calzada’s snarling trumpet, McMurtry sings in his bell-like tenor, I stay on my guard/’cause every time we fight you push me too far/stop insisting that I take things too hard/you know I bruise just like a peach. With palpable venom, Burgess fires back, Love this won’t do/don’t pretend to know the pain I’ve been through/when everything you have was handed to you/you never even had to reach.

Song Premiere: Curtis McMurtry, “Wrong Inflection”

Komox Premiere Stunning Video For “Dreaming Awake”

L.A. alternative indie-rock trio Komox premiered the new video for title track “Dreaming Awake” off their recently released sophomore EP DREAMING AWAKE VOL. 2 via Buzzbands.LA.

Video premiere: Komox, ‘Dreaming Awake’

Kyle Andrews announces upcoming record ‘Escape’

On his fifth studio album, Escape, Nashville-based singer-songwriter-producer Kyle Andrews plunges headfirst into his long-standing love affair with pop music and electronic experimentation, coming out the other side with one his most inspired works to date. Fueled by burst of inspiration and a summer fling with 80s nostalgia, Andrews’ latest Escape is packed with epic beats, warm analog synths and earworm hooks adding up to his most focused record yet.

Song Premiere: Kyle Andrews, “Golden Sunset”

New Book Examines Jewish Identity and Jazz Music

Jazz history includes numerous contributions from Jewish artists, from Benny Goodman to John Zorn, who have played a major role in the development of the music from its birth in New Orleans to the present day. However, there has been little examination of why so many Jewish musicians gravitated to jazz or how they used the music to explore Jewish identity and experience.

Jews and Jazz: Improvising Ethnicity, a new book by Charles Hersch, chair of the Department of Political Science at Cleveland State University, seeks to answer these question and shed light on how jazz music reflected and influenced “Jewishness” in 20th Century America.

“I have long had an interest in music and politics as well as a love for jazz music and was struck by the fact that there had been little analysis of why so many Jewish musicians chose to focus on jazz,” Hersch says. “Through this book I hope to provide a better understanding of how Jewish musicians expressed their identities through the music and how that expression transformed as Jewish identity changed through the years.”

Cian Nugent shares video for “Lost Your Way”

Night Fiction is Cian Nugent’s third album but his first taking on the role of singer-songwriter. Where his previous two albums: 2013’s Born With The Caul and 2011’s Doubles saw him exploring extended guitar-based instrumentals with his band, The Cosmos, here he has reigned things in and focused his songwriting skills. Guitar fans, do not fear, there is still plenty of soloing and fingerpicking here. With 7 songs both solo and with his band, this album amalgamates everything Cian has done up to this point and reveals a more broad palate of influences, including The Velvet Underground, Richard Thompson, Television, Neil Young, John Lennon, Fred Neil, etc.

Alex Di Leo Releases Official Music Video for “So We Go”

South Florida alternative indie singer/songwriter Alex Di Leohas been making noise with the release of his debut solo EP So We Go, out now. The songwriter has been treating fans to videos including a live performance of “I’ve Been Waiting” and the official music video for “Waking Up.” Today, Di Leo is thrilled to partner with Myspace to bring fans yet another intriguing video, this time for the EP’s title track, “So We Go.” The video follows two artists from distinct and separate worlds; she a visual mixed media artist from the city and he a musician from the country. As the video opens, we see each in solitude searching for inspiration and reflecting on those moments when pure ecstasy, joy, love, and creative passion overtook and inspired their lives. “So We Go” moves between the two as we see what it was that made them fall in love and above all be creatively inspired by the other.

Amethysts Unveil Latest Single ‘Stones’

Having burst onto the scene earlier this year with efficacious debut track ‘My Love’, Suffolk duo Amethysts have returned with second single ‘Stones’ which sees the duo rise once again from their rural oasis with a more electronic sound.

Preceded by a sample of lead singer Clarice Parrott’s voice, ‘Stones’ manifests daydream vocals with washes of synths and hazy guitars overdriving sub bass and spiky drum machines to create an unearthly, yearning landscape.

Joey Sturgis Tones Introduces Tominator Plugin

Joey Sturgis Tones,? developers of audio processing tools for non-technical music creators, introduce Tominator. Tominator is a plugin intended to treat cymbal bleed commonly found in close-mic drum recordings. While the plugin was designed with treating cymbal bleed in tom tracks as its name would suggest, the plugin can also be applied to other percussive elements with similar results.

Tominator uses a unique, filter-based approach to treat cymbal bleed. Built on advanced, adjustable filter automation – users are able to treat bleed in a more natural approach than gating. This approach solves the common issue of signal loss that occurs with most gate and expander alternatives. True to the company’s promise of end-user ease of use, Tominator is a utility that streamlines an engineer’s drum processing, saving them time & effort.

Justice’s “Fire” Video Debuts Today

The Grammy Award-winning duo Justice premieres the Susan Sarandon-starring video for their new single, “Fire,” today. The perfect soundtrack for an everlasting summer—watch it here.

Oakland’s Once and Future Band share new single via Stereogum

In the vapor trail of “How Does It Make You Feel”, you can smell the burnt ozone of a seventies-full-orchestra-nebula-pop-odyssey, the flakes floating down and landing on you like snow and giving you the grave-chills…the ash of a masterpiece pop song. Once and Future Band: this incredibly accomplished cabal of total prog wizards has circled the earth, but then, these are the accomplished gentlemen of many former pursuits (the formidable Drunk Horse among them) and all of them comets themselves. It’s telling that this is the album Castle Face Records is releasing after Thee Oh Sees’ recent psych-pop explorations of ‘An Odd Entrances’, showing the label will continue to reach deep into the ether. Today Stereogum premieres the album-opener “How Does It Make You Feel?”, and you can listen on Soundcloud.

Once & Future Band – “How Does It Make You Feel?”

Polly Baker releases stunning sun-splashed “Wild” video

Rising country pop singer Polly Baker promises a captivating love filled adventure in her stunning sun-splashed video for “Wild”. Baker has performed throughout the United States, generating a social media buzz that has garnered her radio airplay, interviews, and showcases. She has been the opening act for Chanel West Coast, W!ldcard, The Afters, and Melissa Manchester. More information on Baker is available on her official website.

The Obsessed drop first track in 20 years

Iconic doom metal band The Obsessed has just released their first track in over 20 years titled “Sodden Jackal” with the Adult Swim Singles Program. As premiered by CLRVYNT, the track features heavy lyricism, indelible riffs and hell-raising chord progressions coalescing to form a timeless masterpiece. Additionally, The Obsessed will be releasing their first new album in over 20 years via Relapse Records this Spring. Check out “Sodden Jackal” and share now.

MARGARET GLASPY Releases Spotify Singles Session

Margaret Glaspy’s two-track Spotify Singles Session is available today. The session features her rendition of Lauryn Hill’s “Ex-Factor,” a staple from her live show, and her debut album’s title track “Emotions and Math”, both recorded in Spotify’s new NYC studio. Listen HERE.

Skinny Blonde “Go to Sleep”

Skinny Blonde began as the musical alias of 22-year-old New York student and resident Michael Turzilli, who took upbeat pop and turned it on its self-aware head. Skinny Blonde has since grown into a full band featuring Turzilli, Sam Farnum on Guitar, Troy Krusz on Bass and Jim Murtagh on Drums. All four members are fellow comedians and artists.

Often satirical in nature, Turzilli’s writing draws the line between taking ourselves too seriously and not taking ourselves seriously enough. He explores how quickly the artistic process can turn narcissistic, not leaving anyone free from critique – even himself.


candinavian folk duo MY BUBBA released a new song that celebrates the season. The song was recorded with Shahzad Ismaily (Will Oldham, Jolie Holland) at his Brooklyn studio Figure 8 Recording (the hideaway where Richard Hell, Pussy Riot and Nick Zinner converged to record “I Can’t Breathe”).

“‘Champagne Drops’ is a christmas song about last summer. A warm, slow, sensual Christmas song; just how most of us wish the holidays would always feel. There is a subtle Motown groove, leveled with the occasional Cat Power-esque minor chord complexifying the sweetness with a seriousness and darkness so often felt this time of the year, and vocals singing about the feeling of home and rest and fire, dancing with champagne for days on end, snowed in… Cocooning… Christmas style.”

Stream Natasha Kmeto’s “Free For Tonight” single

“‘Free For Tonight,’ the B-side of the new single, is about a hypothetical safe space to be anybody that you want to be. I’m not trying to limit that to women or queer people. It’s about this fantasy of wanting to go out and be myself, where I don’t feel like if I dress a certain way or behave a certain way with my wife or whatever, that I’m going to have my space invaded. It’s about that freedom you can have, sometimes, in a nightclub. But I’ve had plenty of conversations with friends who say that safe spaces don’t exist. But it’s something we can reach for, I suppose.” – Natasha Kmeto on Bandcamp Daily

Portland Popstar Natasha Kmeto is Tough to Put in a Box

Keller Williams To Release ‘SYNC’

Sync, the first studio album from KWahtro, the most recent ensemble from genre hopping multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Keller Williams, will be released on January 20.

Led by Williams on guitar and vocals, KWahtro features the superb musicianship of bassist Danton Boller (Jazz Mandolin Project, Roy Hargrove), guitarist and longtime Williams’ collaborator Gibb Droll (Brandi Carlisle, Bruce Hornsby) and drummer Rodney Holmes (Carlos Santana, Steve Kimock). Special guests include The Accidentals, Mike Dillon and Williams’ son Cabell Williams.

KWahtro performs what can be referred to as “acoustic dance music.” With songs primarily written by Williams, the music infuses reggae, folk, jazz, afrobeat and dance rhythms into new, and innovative arrangements. The improvisational nature of the performances allows freedom as well as precision by musicians who have formed a symbiotic relationship. Like the album title, KWahtro are four musical spirits fully in sync, creating a sound that is something unto itself.

Go to Summer Camp with Keller Pre-Order Contest

Eli Keszler shares in depth interview + stream “Last Signs of Speed”

Eli Keszler is a New York-based artist, composer and percussionist. His compositions and visual works examine the limits of instrumentation, notation, and space in its institutional, musical and public form.

Last Signs of Speed is Eli’s first solo release since 2012’s Catching Net (PAN) and explores a very different side of his unique acoustic universe. One in which the macrocosmic percussive collisions of his earlier work give way to a gradual unfolding of dub-influenced rhythmic constellations. Eli has described Last Signs of Speed as his response to playing in club environments over the last few years; an attempt to negotiate a delicate balance between the materiality of his acoustic instrument and the hyper-mediated sonic ecosystem of the club sound system. Coming off like an inspired synthesis between Scientist and Xenakis, Last Signs of Speed is a truly unique work by an artist at the height of his powers.

Tim Carr’s Debut Full-Length

Tim Carr is a singer/composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist. His music is a mix of instrumental interludes, and minimal folkesque songs inspired by African rhythms, melodies of the French Romantics, and ’60s pop.

Carr has worked as a drummer and collaborator, with the bands HAIM, The Americans, and Fell Runner, as well as performed with artists such as Devendra Banhart, Gaby Moreno, Ryan Bingham, Edward Sharpe, Julian Casablancas, Dr. John, Lucinda Williams, Broken Social Scene, and Nick Cave. In addition, Carr has recorded with T Bone Burnett, performed on Letterman, and is featured in the upcoming documentary, American Epic, produced by T Bone Burnett, Jack White and Robert Redford.


Felix Snow, the multi-faceted artist/producer behind some of 2016’s most captivating pop tracks, including Kiiara’s “Gold” and Terror Jr’s “Come First,” has released a new video for “Love (feat. Lil Uzi Vert).” The video, which premiered via PAPER today, is streaming HERE. PAPER called the song “an inexplicably fun, minimal pop track.”


Michael Kiwanuka regretfully announces the cancelation of his entire North American tour, tickets to be refunded at point of purchase. He has vocal damage and has been diagnosed with tonsilitis and under doctor’s orders, is unable to perform.

Freeze Feel Drop New Single

After receiving so much hype around the release of their recent single, Wet My Tongue, Danish electro-pop duo going by the name of Feel Freeze are set to break waves in the UK whilst continuing their successful rise back in Denmark. Scandinavian music is a treasure trove for new talent and Feel Freeze are the perfect example of this, following in the footsteps of the likes of The Knife and Lykke Li- there are big things coming for this dreamy pop pair. The duo consisting of Mathias Vinther Liholt and Raymonde Gaunoux have received praise for their memorable live performances, supporting the likes of Thomas Dybdahl and Cymbals Eat Guitars.

Moglii + Novaa release visuals for “Her”

Moglii and Novaa release the visuals for “Her”, taken from their collaborative 5-track Down Under EP.

Her” is awash with natural samples, breakbeats and a pulsating, bubbling rhythm.
The soft, whimsical visuals created by Julian Voltmann create a bittersweet, nostalgic accompaniment to the track, which thematically explores the concept of having a demonic side of yourself that you cannot live without, and the struggle which ensues as you balance the two.

Electronic Hard Rockers 9ELECTRIC Premiere Energetic New Music Video for “The Damaged Ones”

Electronic hard rockers and Sunset Strip champions 9ELECTRIC have enjoyed an impressive year, peaking with the release of their brand new album, The Damaged Ones (Century Media), and tours with Lacuna Coil, Butcher Babies, Gemini Syndrome and more. Yesterday, the band joined hard rock royalty Drowning Pool and special guests Gemini Syndrome and Red Tide Rising to kick off their “Not-So-Silent Night” tour – which will visit several eastern and central U.S. cities during the 2016 holiday season (see below for confirmed tour dates).

In celebration of this week’s tour kick off, 9ELECTRIC are thrilled to reveal their heart-pumping, energy-packed new music video for their lead single “The Damaged Ones”. Take a look at the music video now, exclusively via Loudwire.

French Hardcore’n’Roll veterans unveiled new music video “Go!”

A few months after the official release of their third full-length album ‘Ten Years Of Fucking Rock N Roll’, French hardcore’n’roll/punk veterans Eight Of Spades unveiled a few days ago a new official music video illustrating the single “Go!” from this record.

TK The Architect Shares “Felt” Video

TK The Architect is thrilled to release his new single “Felt.” The track opens to a rich, moody guitar line, played by TK, and spliced effects that perfectly sets the scene for TK’s contemplative raps and natural emotive tone. Describing feelings of love lost and acknowledging personal growth, this is his most personal song to date. The track was premiered this morning with Pancakes and Whiskey, Ground Sounds, and Howl and Echoes.

The video was a collaboration between artists Kimberly Young Sun, Dave Fitz, and TK The Architect. Together they created visuals that helped express the emotions behind the track without overshadowing the song itself.



Electronic / rock pioneers THE ALBUM LEAF have shared a new music video for the track “Never Far” off their recently released first full-length in over 6 years, Between Waves. The gorgeously shot video, directed by Justin Benson & Aaron Moorhead (Spring, Resolution) follows the famed cut-out Flat Stanley on a life-changing adventure across various parts of the globe. Watch the video for “Never Far” via Entertainment Weekly and on YouTube.

Rainbow Bar and Grill Patio Dubbed “Lemmy’s Lounge” in Memory of Late, Great MOTÖRHEAD Frontman

Heavy rock legends MOTÖRHEAD, in collaboration with West Hollywood’s famous Rainbow Bar and Grill on the Sunset Strip, have agreed to dedicate their patio to Lemmy Kilmister and re-name it ‘Lemmy’s Lounge’ in memory of rock’s greatest frontman. It is a fitting gesture from the Rainbow, as when Lemmy wasn’t touring or recording, the majority of his waking hours were spent on said-patio. There is already a life size bronze statue immortalizing Lemmy at The Rainbow, which attracts fans from all over the world, and Lemmy’s Lounge will allow hardcore fans and casual patrons alike to sample the wares and atmosphere that Lemmy loved so much.

To celebrate Lemmy’s Lounge, Roxy owner Nic Adler and Goldenvoice’s Paul Tollett have kindly agreed to allow the painting of a celebratory mural commemorating the life of Lemmy and MOTÖRHEAD on the side wall of the Roxy, opposite Lemmy’s Lounge and statue.

New track from Midnight Mystery Club – “Calling Me”

David Paul Newell, who fronts the project Midnight Mystery Club, got his break by writing for house acts like The Shapeshifters. Songs he helped write have been featured on BBC Radio 1, Pete Tong’s show and numerous compilations, including Cafe Mambo Ibiza Sunsets 2015. Newell has also scored several Grammy nominations with his duo Full Intention (which he’s one-half of), with chart-climbing hits like “The Weekend” and “Borderline”.

In 2015, Newell started the side project Midnight Mystery Club, named after a secret bicycling society in San Francisco, California, near his hometown. This new solo project granted the freedom to indulge his obsession with late ’70s and early ’80s songwriting — songwriting during an era of transcending and timeless music that continues to endear itself even today. He is inspired by artists like Fleetwood Mac, Earth Wind & Fire, George Benson, Bobby Caldwell, Hall & Oates, Tears for Fears, Alan Parsons, Eurythmics, The Cars, 10cc, Sade, Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins, Sade, Michael McDonald & The Doobie Brothers, Jackson Browne and Michael Jackson .

Girlpool Covers The FADER

Today, The FADER continues its tradition of championing emerging music, and celebrating songwriters pushing music forward in any genre, by revealing a new cover story on the beloved DIY rock duo Girlpool.