Charity Ekeke – ‘She’


Charity Ekeke’s “She” radiates with hope and light. These joyous arrangements work wonders. Effortlessly bringing together tender melodies, jubilant infectious grooves the entire album is simply stunning. Vocals add to the overall celebratory spirit that dominates the proceedings. Lyrics emphasize a positivity that can help to change a life. Indeed, there is such a great optimism and lightness to the entirety of the album. By opting for the sweetness, the melodies do great work in furthering the overall calming spirit of the album.

One of the highlights of the collection is the lovely spirit of “Bloodline”. An easy-going rhythm helps to anchor the song, as small attention to detail (a horn, glittering guitar work) add to the overall kindness the song possesses. Spirited to its very core is the sly funk work of “Don’t Call Them” where Charity Ekeke creates a passionate performance, thanks in part to the inspired choir. Energy pours out of the rush with “He Takes All My Breath Away”. Laid-back and summery in tone is the mellowed vibes of “I’ll Catch You If You Fall”. Taut elastic grooves define the album highlight, the sparkling wonder that is “She Bears”. Driving rhythms flow out of “Talk To Me”. Wistfulness permeates the gorgeous hues of “These Days”. Soft and comforting is the many layered work of “You Belong”. “All I Know” offers a reflective, introspective piece, one that lingers in the mind long after it is over.

Warm and tender, Charity Ekeke’s “She” is full of songs that celebrate togetherness.


By Beach Sloth